Lobotomy Corporation
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A modding tool for Lobotomy Corporation.

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2019-06-26: BaseMod v3.0

This new version of BaseMod supports mods in even more modular forms, and now includes E.G.O Base Mod and Abnormality Base Mod by default!

Note that mods built for v2.9 and older versions of BaseMod will NOT be compatible with BaseMod v3.0. Find and download the newer versions of the mods, and follow the new instructions carefully.



As you may know, modding Lobotomy Corporation has been a rough experience. There’s no Steam Workshop support, and the only bit of customization officially available to users was the appearance of employees. Even after people began to crack the code and make some real progress in terms of modding, it was difficult to add or modify the game’s assets, and making different mods compatible was a hassle.

But that is about to change with the emergence of BaseMod, a structural basis for an easy and modular management of mods. One can add more functions to existing classes or even completely replace their content with something else, and easily use and share the mods in dll format.

BaseMod and its modules are programmed and updated by abcdcode on dcinside, and marginally modified by NEET for international release.

To install BaseMod, simply go to (wherever your Steam is located)\Steam\steamapps\common\LobotomyCorp\LobotomyCorp_Data and extract the files into the directory. It’s that simple.