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Obtain unique E.G.O set for defeating each Midnight Ordeals

Permissions and credits
Gains E.G.O set for defeating each Midnight Ordeal, each Ordeal has their own unique set such as Green Midnight grants you the Last Helix E.G.O, Amber Midnight grants you the Predation E.G.O, Violet Midnight grants you the Understanding E.G.O (there are 4 versions of the Understanding E.G.O set depending on the Monument colour), this mod is made by abcdcode, i only modify and re-upload it into english version (with the help of 1 cool modder to fix translation error).

How to install: Put abcdcode_MidnightEGO_MOD folder to (gamedata)\LobotomyCorp_Data\BaseMods

Their equipment ID will be listed here but note that they are not supposed to be obtained through console commands and does not have E.G.O gift, the original set is capped at 1 but as you already know equipment limit is quite annoying.

Weapons ID:
  •  Predation                      : 201000
  •  Understanding (Black): 201001
  •  Understanding (White): 201002
  •  Understanding (Pale)  : 201003
  •  Understanding (Red)   : 201004
  •  Last Helix                     : 201005

Armors ID:
  •  Predation                      : 301000
  •  Understanding (Red)   : 301001
  •  Understanding (White): 301002
  •  Understanding (Black): 301003
  •  Understanding (Pale)  : 301004
  •  Last Helix                     : 301005

This mod will not (and probably never be) uploaded here if its not from the help of a few cool modder and the author for giving me permission to re-upload it, check up on Permission and Credits for more info about them!.