Lobotomy Corporation
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Kaizo Corp is an overhaul mod with emphasis on risk/reward and boon vs bane. All abnormalities come with new serial codes and quotes as well as rebalanced damage types, amounts, and work results to give a fresh and more challenging day to day experience in your facility, don't be afraid to retry or backtrack!

Permissions and credits
The word "Kaizo" as it is commonly known in Western audiences generally translates to "nearly impossibly and frustratingly difficult", even though this mod is meant to provide an extra challenge, especially in the early/mid-game, it is still very much meant to take more from the words original meaning being "remix"; as such everything is balanced to be difficult but fair.

Kaizo Corp is an overhaul mod with emphasis on risk vs reward primarily featuring all abnormalities with new serial codes and box quotes as well as increased power generation, damage, and cost of all EGO equipment with changed work preferences and damage types being fairly common as well (some abnormalities have even been promoted to a higher risk level with rebalancing to boot!).

Why Early Access?
Feedback! It really does make this world go round! Between bugs flying under the radar in my own testing or just having Creator's Bias, I'm always open to suggestions to future additions and rebalancing 

How much content is there right now?
As of the initial upload, all abnormalities from ZAYIN->HE rank have been adjusted (with exceptions to the tools and Plague Doctor/Army in Black as they are considered Alephs) giving the first 20 days a completely moded experience but once it gets to 21+ chances are you'll be forced to pick up something unmodded if you continue playing through

Some other things to keep in mind:
This mod is still in a BETA state but I'm working on it frequently so expect often updates!
I cannot guarantee the functionality of this mod if you use a version of BaseMod other than 5.0, same goes if you use another mod that affects the Assembly C Sharp file

If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to message me here or on discord! (ChroChro#6702)

How to install this mod:
Download and extract the contents of this folder

Open the LobotomyCorp_Data folder

This can be accessed via right-clicking the game on steam and going into properties, then local files, and then “Browse Local Files” or
Using file explorer to go to the “Steam” folder ->“steamapps” -> “common” -> “LobotomyCorp”

Open the Managed folder

Replace the Assembly-CSharp.dll file (if you have any other mods that affect this file I would recommend backing this up first)

Open the “Basemod” folder that’s in “Managed”

Replace the “Basecreatures” folder and “BaseEquipment” text file

Return to LobotomyCorp_Data

Open “ExternalData” -> “xml” -> “Language” -> “en” and replace the creatures folder 

Open “ExternalData” -> “xml” -> “Language” -> “Localize” -> “en” and replace the Equipment_en file