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Fallout 4: Point Lookout is a fan recreation of Fallout 3's Point Lookout DLC, fully realized in Fallout 4, including all quests and NPCs.

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Fallout 4: Point Lookout
Welcome to Fallout 4: Point Lookout! This mod is a full, faithful recreation of the Fallout 3 DLC, Point Lookout. This includes every quest, location, NPC, enemy, and nearly every item/weapon from the DLC.


  • Faithfully recreated the entire Point Lookout worldspace
  • Entire main quest, and all side-quests
  • All original map locations (and one brand new location with a workshop!)
  • All Point Lookout NPCs
  • 6+ recreated creatures and 3 new critters
  • 25+ weapons, many returning from Fallout 3
  • 50+ clothing items, many returning from Fallout 3
  • 15+ consumables, many returning from Fallout 3
  • Various Point Lookout themed workshop items
  • New, Point Lookout-themed loadscreens
  • New animated icons for several perks and quests
  • A whole lot of Punga!

Note: Fallout 4 Point Lookout requires loose files to be enabled for F4SE scripts to be loaded. See here for details on how to do so.

Note: There will be missing voice acting/voicelines for a few minor Point Lookout NPCs, so they will have no voices. These voicelines will be patched in at a later date. In the meantime we recommend using F4z Ro D-oh so you aren't waiting on blank voice lines.


What is Fallout 4 Point Lookout?
Fallout 4 Point Lookout is a recreation mod that lets you travel to the locale of Point Lookout with your Fallout 4 character, where you can play and explore (featuring all of the original Point Lookout quests).
We have tailored this experience to the Sole Survivor, and are treating this experience as if the Lone Wanderer never arrived at Point Lookout. However, fair warning: in order to let you play the original quests, we have had to ignore the time difference between FO3 and FO4.

What do I need to have to install Fallout 4 Point Lookout?
You need to own Fallout 4, all Fallout 4 add-ons, and have the XDI mod installed (Extended Dialogue Interface).

Why does Fallout 4 Point Lookout require XDI?
We require XDI as Point Lookout has multiple instances of conversations that have more than 4 dialogue options.

What if I own Fallout 4, but not the add-ons?
We rely on various assets from all of the Fallout 4 add-ons, so playing without these add-ons installed may result in many items/assets being missing/broken in Fallout 4 Point Lookout; do so at your own discretion.

How do I install Fallout 4 Point Lookout?
Install with your preferred mod manager, or manually if that is your preference.

How do I know if Fallout 4 Point Lookout is installed?
When you load into the game, there should be a pop-up in the top left corner saying 'F4CW: Point Lookout Installed Successfully!'.

Where can I start Point Lookout?
The Riverboat Landing (where the questline begins) is south of the South Boston High School. The quest will also give you a marker directing you there (quest begins shortly after leaving Vault 111). 

Can I take my existing character into Point Lookout?

Can I bring companions to Point Lookout?
Your companions will not be able to travel to Point Lookout until the main questline of Point Lookout is completed.

Is Fallout 4 Point Lookout lore friendly?
We have done our best to make sure Fallout 4 Point Lookout fits the Sole Survivor (see the 'Noteworthy Differences' section below). We are treating this experience as if the Lone Wanderer never arrived at Point Lookout.

Fallout 4 is 10 years after Fallout 3. Why hasn't Point Lookout aged or changed?
We ask that you suspend your disbelief on this one. It was important for us to keep Point Lookout's iconic quests, but to do so we had to ignore the time difference; we decided it was more important that Point Lookout feel the same, rather than perfectly obey the timeline. That said, we have still made some small changes here and there (see the 'Noteworthy Differences' section below).

Why is (insert example here) different and/or missing? Didn't you just copy+paste this all from Fallout 3?
We recreated Point Lookout by hand, from scratch, so things that are different/missing are likely that way because of our own limitations, an artistic/stylistic/design choice, or a simple oversight/mistake. We have done our best to keep these differences/mistakes to a healthy minimum.


If you are using the Unofficial Patch for Fallout 4, please place the CWPointLookoutFO4.esm AFTER the Unofficial Patch, otherwise there can be some visual problems in Dunwich Borers.

Noteworthy Differences between Fallout 4 Point Lookout and Fallout 3:

NOTE: This section may contain spoilers; read at your own risk! We included this section because we wanted to prepare experienced FO3 Point Lookout players for some differences they can expect from Fallout 4 Point Lookout.


  • The main questline has been slightly adjusted to fit the Sole Survivor.
  • Certain lines of dialogue/text boxes referencing the Capital Wasteland have been adjusted to reference the Commonwealth.
  • Certain areas, most notably Pilgrim's Landing, the Ferris Wheel, Calvert Mansion, Calvert Lab, the Cathedral, and the Lighthouse, have been given some additional set dressing, but these areas should still feel very familiar to their Fallout 3 counterparts. (One exception to this is the USS Ozymandias, and the related Belowdecks interior, which uses a different ship to the one used in Fallout 3, so the Belowdecks interior was also adjusted to better match its exterior.)
  • Several perks that were cut from the original Point Lookout have been restored and implemented. 
  • 'The Dark Heart of Blackhall' quest has been slightly adjusted to fit Fallout 4. The 'good' ending of this quest has also been adjusted to give some extra XP in the place of Positive Karma. 
  • 'A Spoonful of Whiskey' quest grants slightly better rewards than its Fallout 3 counterpart.
  • After completing 'An Antique Land', Bio-gas Canisters can be crafted using materials found near muck holes.
  • Expanded the world border in one area, where we added a settlement workshop (Note: this location does not replace any part of the original worldspace)
  • Added a few new non-hostile critters to add a little life to the swamp. 

As you can see, the majority of these are just small adjustments aimed at making Point Lookout make a bit more sense in Fallout 4, as well as inject some additional flavor/quality of life into Point Lookout. We hope that your experience still feels very much like the Point Lookout you know. 

Please note, we do allow you to bring Power Armor with a Jet Pack to Point Lookout, but we have done our best to prevent major quest sequence breaks related to the use of the jet pack, so please do not be surprised by collision in certain areas preventing you from sequence breaking.


Everyone is free to make addons and mods for this, such as adding new content, making tweaks etc. But please do not redistribute any unedited files or ESMs.

For translations, Point Lookout is localized so makes use of Strings.


Capital Wasteland Website



Capital Wasteland Team

Special Thanks:

  • Joel Burgess: Lead Designer on the original Fallout 3 Point Lookout. Thanks for hanging out with us and answering some of our questions!

Additional Credits:

  • Kingtobbe: Models and textures for various clutter items, SetDressing, and workbench
  • Zanthir: QA Lead, Level Design, various Weapons, Turrets, several SetDressing models
  • NafNaf_95: CW Founder, Level Design
  • C411um13: Level Design
  • C1ph3rr (Elliot Donovan): Nuka Machine
  • Ares224 (Peter Nelke): Level Design
  • Ezra J. Wayne: Voice Acting Lead
  • Crow Bennett: Voice Acting Lead
  • Radbeetle: NPC faces, QA
  • erk: Level Design
  • Charlie Wilcher: 2d Art Lead, Animated Vault-boys for quests, Riverboat ticket
  • Devastatin' Dave (Jeremy Calvert): Animated Vault-boys for quests
  • MrCaputo (Pierluigi Caputo): Vault-boy icons
  • PuddleSoup: Animated Vault-boys for quests
  • Garwert: 2d Art, QA
  • McGriggles: Animated Vault-boy icons
  • JHeim: Some quest scripting for An Antique Land
  • Harold95: Many architecture assets, clutter items
  • Junders: Various Kits used for interiors
  • rdtg: Level Design
  • Medicaledical: Double-barrel Shotgun, Hazmat Suit and several pieces of SetDressing
  • Sergey Neiss feat. Luiza Carvalho: Music - instrumental intro sequence
  • Nihito: SetDressing, Textures
  • Kalib: Various SetDressing models
  • Ryce Kaeks: Various SetDressing models
  • xgamer468: Metal Armor model and textures
  • HTX: QA
  • Roebot56: QA
  • LOC: QA
  • StarCornet: QA
  • Dead Sirious: QA
  • XV-Versus: QA
  • SikSikSikki: Capital Wasteland Logos

Voice Actors:

  • khobis (Taher Chy): Desmond Lockheart
  • Richard San Miguel: Professor Calvert
  • Zane Schacht: Obadiah Blackhall, Bruiser/Tracker
  • Johnny Penney: Plik
  • Rick: Scrapper/Creeper
  • Haggler: Brawler
  • Bella Berkus: Nadine
  • Faith Dowgin: Catherine
  • Ryan Lay: Tobar
  • Kirstin Pace: Panada, Marguerite, Generic Female Dialogue
  • Trace Callahan: Marcella
  • Jess PS: Caroline Saunders
  • Su Ling Chan: Chinese Spy (unnamed)
  • T0nik: Dead Pilot
  • DanteFettman: Jackson
  • Marcus Rothenberg: Haley
  • Abraham Hale: Croatoa
  • Ezra J. Wayne: John Adlam
  • Harry Shapiro: Jimson
  • Geremy Ferland: Tribals
  • JettyBee VA: Tribals, Rip Smithy
  • JonE_Cookieske: Generic Male Dialogue, Jacob Humboldt

This mod is dedicated to Kingtobbe, who was a founder of the Point Lookout project.