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F4SE plugin which adds new functions for modders such as File, ModLocalData ,MP3 player , Node , Excel, JSON functions, WorldToScreen.

Permissions and credits
F4SE plugin which adds new functions for modders.
Complete list of functions can be found in the article.


Install the package via mod manager.

SUP Script Runner:
Will call functions specified in JSON file on game load. You can find more info in the article.

For modders:

  • F4SE team for F4SE;
  • SKSE team for some source material;
  • Ian Patterson for helping me setting up F4SE;
  • LL FourPlay community F4SE plugin developers for some source material;
  • Brofield for SimpleIni;
  • Volker Diels-Grabsch for sha1 library;
  • shaovoon for MP3 player example
  • xNVSE team for helping me get into coding;
  • i860 for a valuable tip;
  • shad0wshayd3 for a valuable tip;
  • msalaba for commenting papyrus source code;
  • nlohmann for JSON library.
  • Everyone who was there to support me.

Source code is located here.