Fallout 4

About this mod

A Vault 88 layout for Workshop Framework. Intended for use with Sim Settlements 1 and designed for 24 settlers.

Permissions and credits
This is a Vault 88 layout for Workshop Framework, intended for a medium-sized "traditional" Vault using Sim Settlements 1. It was designed for 24 settlers.

This is for Sim Settlements 1. Click here for the Sim Settlements 2 version!

Supporting Mods

Required DLC
  • Vault-tec Workshop

Absolutely Required Mods

Pretty Much Required Mods
  • Sim Settlements base mod or 3-in-1
  • Do-It-Yourshelf - available on bethesda.net in-game
  • CREAtive Clutter - available on bethesda.net in-game

Very-Highly-Recommended Sim Settlements Packs
(get these for the full experience/to see my handpicked plots for each space)

Other (optional)
  • Creation Club Content: Slocum's Joe - uses a few items, but not a hard requirement as it'll just skip those items if you don't have it.
  • Sim Settlements: Conqueror - will place the War Planner's desk if you have this installed, but that's it. Not required if you don't already use this mod.

Creator Notes

This is my first mod!  I'm a crazy perfectionist, so let me know if things don't import correctly. More settlement layouts coming soon, and if people are interested I can work on converting this one to a levelled Sim Settlements city plan. Also thinking of splitting this into different WSFW layers, eg. separating out just the vault pieces into their own thing. I'm still working out a good process/tools for that.

Huge huge thanks to kinggath and the Sim Settlements team for extending the game in such an amazing way! Also, thanks specifically to Samutz, Wulfharth, and Rodericksblade for their awesome Vault-themed add-on packs. Without them my vault would be extremely silly-looking.

Other useful tools: Place Everywhere, Workshop Plus, ASAM Maintenance Software

Install Steps

1.  Download and install like any other mod.
2.  Go to Vault 88. Do or skip the quest to unlock the workshop. For best results, scrap most of what's in the first chamber manually or using a tool like the Town Gavel, the mod Raze My Settlement, or Workshop Framework.  You can import onto an untouched vanilla settlement, but some clutter will probably have to be cleaned up manually in hydroponics and the cafeteria.
3.   Find the layer(s) you want and apply. Instructions:

4.Wait for the plots to spawn in. You may need to refresh some plots if they don't load completely. Be patient! Once settlers start getting auto-assigned (or you manually assign them), the plots should start building.
5.Regarding Power, my plan doesn't touch the built-in Vault 88 reactor. Check if your plots have power. If they don't, I suggest you change the option in Workshop Framework to "self-power items" and try the import again. Don't be like me and spend 10+ hours trying to fix a really crappy Vault power system.
6.Some extra plot things may not load automatically, especially if you were impatient in step 4.  Tsk tsk.  For the washroom behind the gym, use the computer to add 1 toilet stall. For the shower room, use the computer to remove all stalls then add 5 shower stalls. For the classroom, use the computer to add 2 rows of desks.
8.Once applied, you can remove my mod from your load order with no problems.

Detailed Info

  • 8 Agricultural (interior)
  • 3 Commercial (interior)
  • 2 Industrial (interior)
  • 3 Martial (interior)
  • 7 Recreational (interior)
  • 24 Residential (interior)

Additional Jobs
(used mostly for deco, not necessary to have settlers work these)
  • 2 Security Desks
  • 5 Vanilla food items
  • Surgery Chair

  • Build area: Vault entrance area and first large cavern.
  • Door to get outside the vault (ie. to go to other build areas) located in Security Office. Put a vault crate in front of the door to stop settlers from wandering - settlers rarely go up there for me though.
  • Does not contain power for the main vault - assumes you haven't used another mod to scrap the build-in generator. Self-powering is your friend here if it's not working.
  • Uses a water tower & tank to provide water - does not require innate Vault water purifier to be hooked up.