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Easy to use scripts to add your mods to leveled lists without risking a conflict.

Permissions and credits
These scripts are intended to help mod authors add their mods to the leveled lists. It does not require any scripting knowledge to use, simply fill in the fields in the Creation Kit.

There are currently 4 separate scripts - WeaponLLInject, AmmoLLInject, ArmorLLInject, ActorLLInject.
They all function the same, they are just separated to make it easier for you to select the item you wish to add to the LL.

Why use a script?

Editing the leveled lists directly will cause your mod to conflict with any other mod that edits the same list, meaning that mod users will need to create a merged patch to resolve it. Using a script to add to the leveled lists means that your changes will not conflict with other mods.

Why use THESE script?

Writing your own script to add your mod to a leveled list is quite easy. Easier still is not having to do that! Using one script for all of your mods will mean that you don't have to spend time writing and compiling a new script for every item you want to add to the leveled lists. You also won't end up with a separate script for each mod.

How to use
  1. Download and extract this mod to your `Fallout4/Data` folder (or just download with NMM).
  2. Open your mod in Creation Kit and create a new Quest.
  3. Add an ID for the quest. You don't need to touch any of the other settings, the default settings will run the quest as soon as the player loads into the game.
  4. Go to the `Scripts` tab and click `Add`.
  5. Search for `WeaponLLInject` in the script box. It won't appear as a compatible script unless you have saved the quest and reopened it - so just check `incompatible` and select the script.
  6. Fill in the fields with your weapon of choice and which lists you want it added to, and the required player level for it to appear on that list.
  7. You will need to package the script with your mod for your users. Take the script `*.pex` file that you downloaded, and put it in the Data/Scripts folder of your mod files (eg. YourMod/Data/Scripts/WeaponLLInject.pex).

** FOR CODERS - It is very important that you don't edit and recompile the source file (.psc) without renaming it, otherwise your mod will conflict with the other mods that use this toolbox. If you do need to edit the source, change the name of the script on the first line, and change the name of the file. **

If the user has installed other mods that include the script then NMM will ask to overwrite their script file with yours if it uses the same name. There should be no problem here as the scripts should be exactly the same. You will also not need to worry about backwards compatibility if I update the scripts - if I make any changes to the scripts that breaks backwards compatibility then I will name the new scripts differently (ie. WeaponLLInjectV2.0).

Field Definitions

Main settings
WeaponName - This is the item you are adding to the leveled lists.
PlayerLevel - The level the player should be before the item spawns in the lists. This value can be overridden for each individual leveled list you choose. Defaults to 1.

Common Lists
The fields in this section are in pairs. The first being the leveled list to add the weapon to, the second being the player level to add it at. To add the item to one of these lists you should `Auto-fill` the list. If you don't want to use the list just leave it with no value. If you fill one of the lists and do not fill the player level field below it (ie. leaving it at 0), then the field will take the `PlayerLevel` value that you choose in the main settings section.

Custom Lists
If you cannot find the leveled list you wish to use in the `Common Lists` section, you can specify up to 20 custom ones here. The fields here are the same as above, however the leveled list fields can't be auto-filled and must be chosen from the dropdown.

  • You are free to include and distribute this script in your own mods - with or without credit to me (though it's always appreciated).