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This mod adds the ASh-12.7, a high caliber urban battle rifle from Russia designed for high stopping power while reducing collateral damage with low penetration.

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  • Russian
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"Ashes to Ashes, Fun to Funky."
This mod adds the ASh-12.7, a high caliber urban battle rifle from Russia designed for high stopping power.

               - 1 unique: 'Vodyanoy' located at Forest Grove Marsh (Picture Below).
               - Reticle customisation, every reflex sight has 5 different ones each same as my SG 550 and SV-98 mods.
               - Support for Scrivener's Scope Overlay Framework with custom scope overlays.
               - Custom animations by i_code_i
  - New Ammo Type (12.7x55mm) Crafted at a chemlab in the same section where you can craft the weapon.

Fallout 4 Version 1.10.162 or Higher
Due to recent changes in the latest updates to Fallout 4 and the Creation Kit that were done to expand the number of forms plugins can have means this mod and a majority of mods to release from now will not work in any version prior to 1.10.162, if you find your game crashing or
the mod just 'not appearing' after installation then it is likely you are not running this version of the game and you will have to update.

I also recommend using an ENB that replaces the vanilla bloom as it may over bloom the reticles in a way none of the ENBs used during testing do. I personally use Seasons of the Abyss and some colour tweaks in reshade.

- How can I get the weapon?
There are 3 ways of getting the weapon:
      - Crafting at a Chem Lab
      - Finding the unique mentioned above.
      - Console commands ("help ASh 4 WEAP" will give you the correct ID) or In-Game ESP Explorer

- Why use a new ammo type?
The closest (with some suspension of disbelief) ammo to the 12.7x55mm used by the real world ASh-12.7 is the standard .50MG in Fallout 4, issue is the shells that were being ejected were comically oversized so a new ammo was added but it's easy to get by crafting at a chem lab either by using raw materials, converting .308 or the option that has no requirements and gives 500 rounds for you to play with.

- Why no levelled lists?
Mainly because it's not really lore friendly and I find that most people would rather craft it or add it via console over buying it at       vendors anyway. Also sorting out the custom ammo with levelled lists is a hassle.

- Patch for Horizon or other overhaul mods?
I won't be doing any patches for other mods, anyone is welcome to make and release their own as long as it's esp only.

- Xbox Version?
Anyone is welcome to port it to xbox, just send me a link so I can post it here.

- I can't find the unique?
It's located on one of the rooftops under a blue tarp:

i_code_i - Animations
                                    Anton-DDDV - Base Model   
                                    Samuel Janech - Kobra sight models and textures.
                                    Paul Yakushev - Night Vision Scope Model
                                   Team Asxas™ - PR
                                   Ajhakra - Cubemaps
    OhDeer - Screenshots
    Zachtan - Screenshots
    LittleLight - Screenshots
    Neto - Screenshots and Video
    Navaro - Sounds
    Lena - Sounds

[size=4](If your name is missing from the credits please contact me and let me know, i'm not intentionally leaving anyone out)