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This is my Little Multi Look ENB that i worked quite a wile on now.

Permissions and credits
Seasons of the Abyss
This ENB contains multiple Looks that you can choose from.
Here is a little Video explaining how to switch between the diffrent looks:

1. Download and Install NAC by L00ping and leave an Endorsement for him ;)
2.Download The Latest ENB Binary and extract the d3d11.dll and the d3d11compiler_46.dll into your game root Folder.
3. Download my ENB and extract everything in one of the 3 folders in your game Folder.
4. Go into the enbseries folder and open up "ENB_Config.ini". Read whats inside and choose your Look.
5. Enjoy ;)

Here a little preview of what the Looks have to offer ;)

Vivid: Really warm and alive looking

Rusted: Kinda Vintage looking

Fate: Faded, Darker Colors

Freeze: Really cold looking and kinda blue tint
Noir: Do i really need to explain?

Credits and people i just want to Thank

Kingeric1992: Not only for the LUT code but also for all the advise he gave me! This all would have taken me mutch longer without him.

TreyM: Also for a load of advise and inspiration.

JawZ: We never ever talked but MSL and all the helping Guiedes on the ENB forum were a gigantic help for making this.

Boris Vorontsov: The guy who made ENB,s possible. Big Thanks!

Marty McFly: Dat DoF mate ;) Also thanks for Advise

Also i got a lot adivise form L00, Tansarville and Zekerriya(no i wont use fog god damn;)
Thanks to all of you ;)

I am sorry for any wrong spelling but english isnt my native Language :/