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Visible Weapons on Back. This mod was made to work with Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster by registrator2000 to let you wear your weapons the FO NV style.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds visible holstered weapon-apparels to the chem crafting station. You can craft them as simple apparels just to look cool.

Do you want all the fun? Then you need registrator2000 awesome mod Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster for this mod to work with and you can holster your favorite weapons like you did in FO NV. Almost at least, for there are limitations (for now) in how to display all the modifications you can add on a weapon. Easy, simple and save to use - please check registrators page for more informations and how to use it in your game.

If you're loooking for gun holsters and knife sheaths you should take a look at the Hosters and Sheaths Mod provided by Zalterdbeastz. Most of my guns as well als the combat knifes will work with it.

At the moment these weapons are included:

Sniper Rifle in different modifications
Hunting Rifle in different modifications
Combat Shotgun in different modifications
M9 - normal and long barrel, Supressor (original M9 Pistol Mod is needed for it to work)
Widow Shotgun - Short and Long on Back, Short on Hip (original Widow Shotgun Mod is needed for it to work)
Tire Iron with/without blade
Lever Action long with Scope and Silencer (Far Harbor DLC is needed for it to work)
Radium Rifle (Far Harbor DLC is needed for it to work)
Combat Knife on Hip
Pickman's Blade on Hip
Handmade Asssault Rifle in different modifications (Nuka World DLC is needed for it to work)
Western Revolver in different modifications (Nuka World DLC is needed for it to work)
Assaultron Blade (Automatron DLC is needed for it to work)
Assault Rifle
Pipe Rifle
Shotgun in different modifications
10mm Pistol in different modifications
44. Pistol in different modifications
Machete in different modifications
Chinese Officer sword
Grognak Axe
Covert Sidearm
Institute Pistol
Institute Rifle
Laser Rifle
Plasma Pistol
Plasma Rifle
Railway Rifle
Sacrificial Sword on Hip
Sacrificial Sword on Back
Shem Drow Sword
Submachine Gun
Super Sledge Hammer

Update to v4:
New weapons:

Baseball Bats
Gauss Rifle (thanks to Zalteredbeastz)
Combat Rifle with scope/ long barrel
Assaultron Blade on left shoulder
Laser Rifle different modifications
HMAR short on left shoulder
Lever action different modifications
Pipe Sniper
Gamma Pistol
Pipe Wrench
Institute Rifle short scope
Shotgun sawed off on Hip
Slegde Hammer
Gun Holster  (thanks to Zalteredbeastz and ImAarwyn)

The long awaited Baseball Bats can be placed on left or right shoulder. You can also change the color of the bat in the armor workbench. All colors available except the unique bats.

The gun holster fits for all normal guns. You can also craft a gun holster for the 10mm pistol, it looks a bit weird from the side but it's the best I can do. All straps might clip depending on body model and/or armor.

I also included the Cait Bandolier as a separate piece so you could use it as rifle holster. BodySlide data also included to adjust it to your prefered body type - both male and female. If I can find a way to change the gun holster to work properly with BodySlide I will make an small update for it.

The Gamma Gun... I placed it at the leg. The small dish works - somehow. The big dish will clip into your leg. If you don't like the positioning you can always try to correct it yourself in Outfit Studio (that goes for all weapons and gun holsters).

With this update I should have covered most of the vanilla weapons. So no more major update (and to be honest - I can't stand these weapon meshes anymore...). What I probably will do is a tutorial how to make hostered weapons for all the adventurous or patient (best both) types of you.

So what does it means, DLC or original mod is needed? This mod only adds meshes, you need the original mod or DLC for the textures. So yes, it is NEEDED for the mod to work.
Please do not report a "bug" if you get crashes in the chem menu and run my mod without the neccessary mods and DLCs.

And - and this goes for for all mods you're planning to install - do a BackUp Save before you test the mod(s).

If you do not want the custom weapons you can grab the "Without custom Weapons" file BUT DLCs are still needed!

Corvalho1 for the beatiful Widow Shotgun
ff7cloudstrife for the amazing M9 Pistol
ImAarwyn for the gun holster

Other mods by friffy:
Just a few Posters, Billboards and PinUps
Just a new Preston-Minutemen Outfit
Just some Curtains and Rods
Just another Cait Outfit
Just another Piper Outfit
Just a hairy male body
Just some Rugs
Just the Sirius Armor without the cones on the breast plate