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Recruit any actor as a follower with no limit on numbers until your game falls over. Switchable marking, health and recovery options. They suck at combat and don't talk, just like rando BR team mates. Use for disposable meat shields, not waifus.

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Recruit any actor as a follower with no limit* on numbers until your game falls over. Switchable marking, health and recovery options. They suck at combat and don't talk, just like rando BR team mates. Use for disposable meat shields, not waifus.

[ Quiet combat Followers, not blabby RPG Companions ]

Lets be clear: Companions are actors with complex RPG dialog and affinity who suck at combat so dwess 'em up for romance. Followers are basic actors like those random BR team mates who don't talk and also suck at combat. They are disposable meat shields, not waifus.

Install this non intrusive mod at any time in any game to give you an [ .SKK Unlimited Follower Configuration ] aid item anytime after waking up in Vault 111 cryo (or craft at chemlab). It makes no static changes to your game.

Configuration Options

Highlight Followers [ On | Off ]
Map Mark Followers  [ On | Off ]
Recover all followers [ go ]
Recruiting [ Disabled | Once | Constant ]
Recovery [ Default | Mortal | Protected | Bleedout need Stimpak | Bleedout & Recover ] 
Health Scale [ Default | +5/level | +10/level ]
Dismiss all followers [go]

How Recruiting Works

When recruiting is enabled the player is given a perk that adds a [R] Recruit Follower activate option to any compatible actor. Compatible actors are ANYTHING (human, robot, animal, creature) except:

(a) Dead, bleeding out, already a team mate (companion or follower), potential companions, turrets, caravan provisioner. 

(b) Actors  that can be detected being spawned by systems that manage and clean up their actors, so they are not held open waiting for the actor to die or unload. 

If the actor is Unique or Essential they are likely to be a quest dependency so a warning pops to check you are happy to accept the risk of breaking something by recruiting them. Not saying that recruiting other actors wont break stuff, just reasonable endeavours. 

If the system detects that it's AI movement package is not being used, it will pop a warning and release the actor as it is clearly being held by another quest or script.

Hostile actors are pacified and made friendly/ally to the player companions and followers, even if they are in combat.

Their default AI settings are stored and set to: Helps Allies, Brave (flee if severely outmatched), Unaggressive (do not initiate combat), 

If recruiting is set to [ One Time ] the perk is removed after each recruitment so needs to be enabled again in the configuration menu.

If Fallout 4-76 OpenWorld or Commonwealth of Decay are installed the SKK_476NoDisable protection keyword is automatically added to new followers and removed on dismissal.

How Recovery Works

If the actor recovery is changed from default, all settings are stored and restored on dismiss or if default is set again.

(1) Mortal means dead is dead, so don't use it and then complain.

(2) Protected only the player can kill them, otherwise they will bleedout self recover ~15 seconds.

(3) Bleedout & recover is like protected, but the player cant kill them. For players who's aim is worse than Companions or like to spam 'nades.

(4) If actors are set to "Bleedout need Stimpak" they are unkillable, and:

   (4a) Managed Robots use Stimpaks unless DLC01 is installed for RepairKits.

   (4b) Actors will self heal if they have a Stimpak/Repairkit in inventory.

   (4c) Actors that need player Stimpak are map marked [ Follower needs Stimpak ] and offer Apply Healing ] activation. Some actors do not have bleedout animations so they stand around idle looking OK which is why map marking them is important.

Recover all followers menu option automatically heals and moves all followers to the player incase they are stuck or lost.

How Health Scaling Works

Health scaling configures managed followers health to 100 + the configured value per player level, if that is more than the actors current base health value. Base game leveled actors typically add 5 health per player level. It is automatically updated whenever the player levels up and restored to original on dismiss. 

Follower menu

When followers are not bleeding out they have a [ Follower Commands ] activation menu rather than the usual chitchat dialog tree. 
[ Wait Here | Follow Me ]
Exit Power Armor

Follower Dismiss

When a follower is dismissed either from their command menu or the Dismiss All Followers configuration menu, they are totally released by this mod and all original Recovery - Health - AI configurations are restored. 

If they are non hostile on dismiss and have WorkshopNPCScript they can be sent to a workshop, otherwise they will return to their default editor/spawn or where you recruited them location. What happens to them after that depends on whatever created them and their default or active AI package.

Known Issues

(1) * No limit. Actual limit is 128 including other companions and quest followers to avoid busting script array limits. Demand to see the manager for a full refund if this detail is disappointing to you, Karen.

(2) Add Activate. An object can only have one additional "Add Activate" menu option, but there is no mechanism to detect if one is already applied. If you have multiple mods adding activate menu functions to actors (recruit, hold in place, quick trade, intimidation ... whatever) they will conflict so NOTHING IS ADDED. Disable follower recruiting in the menu to enable another activation option. Of course if you can't deactivate the other thing you probably wont be able to recruit ...

(3) Some actors will not follow the player as the high piority quest which created them will not release, so that quest AI package has priority.  This tries to detect the condtion to automatically boot affected actors back to origional state, others have to be dismissed with the menu.


The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. It is 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts which means that it has no load order dependencies.

As this mod was published after November 2019 it depends on Fallout4.exe (or later).


Nexus PC manual installation & disable

Copy SKKUnlimitedCombatFollowers.esp and SKKUnlimitedCombatFollowers – Main.BA2 to your...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever. 

The mod should not be removed from a save game as some of the perks it applies to the player are persistent for performance.

Console Commands

If another aid item in inventory triggers you, throw it away and use these console commands in hotkeys.ini or MCM json things:

cqf SKK_UCFQuest "SKK_UCFQuestScript.MainMenu"; Pop the configuration menu

cqf SKK_UCFQuest "SKK_UCFQuestScript.RecoverAll"; Recover all followers to player

set SKK_UCFRecruitingEnabled to 1; 0 off, 1 one time, 2 constant
cqf SKK_UCFQuest "SKK_UCFQuestScript.SwitchRecruiting";

set SKK_UCFHighlight to 0; 0 off, 1 on
cqf SKK_UCFQuest "SKK_UCFQuestScript.SwitchHighlight";

set SKK_UCFMapMark to 0; 0 off, 1 on
cqf SKK_UCFQuest "SKK_UCFQuestScript.SwitchMapMark";

set SKK_UCFRecovery to 3; 0 default, 1 mortal, 2 protected, 3 need stimpak, 4 self recover 
cqf SKK_UCFQuest "SKK_UCFQuestScript.SwitchAllRecovery";

set SKK_UCFScaleHealth to 5; 0 default, 1 to 255 health per player level
cqf SKK_UCFQuest "SKK_UCFQuestScript.SwitchAllHealth";

Nexus FAQ

(1) Yes you can ESL flag the ESP.

(2) Why another aid item rather than MCM ? Because I dont use F4SE, but you can make an MCM JSON thing with the console commands.

(3) There are literally hundreds of follower mods, why another one ? Because they don't meet my combat oriented needs. RPG Companions suck at combat and I don't want MORE of their same old chitchat. I do need all friendly actors to either die or bleed out until recovered, otherwise combat is totally non challenging and pointless.

SKK Combat oriented mods

SKK Combat Stalkers - the hostile spawning solution.
Random Encounter Manager by SKK - amp up or dial down the combat opportunities.
SKK Settlement Attack System - replace base game settlement attacks with something that actually works.
SKK Combat Settlers - manage settlers health, damage and power armor use.
SKK Instant Battleground - when you want to fight, now.
SKK Dynamic Damage manager - tune damage in and out in realtime to find the perfect game balance.
PlayerUndead death recovery by SKK - recover from bleedout death in place or at a workshop.
Unlimited Combat Followers by SKK - recruit disposable meat shields, not waifus.

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and still need support,
use the SKK Mods Discord channel https://discord.gg/tgKNT77DC8