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The SKK GriefProof PlayerUndead™ service recovers player death, automatically restoring a player from zero health bleedout in place or to the nearest owned settlement with all their stuff and companion. Configurable service charge, health restore and inventory loss options.

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The SKK GriefProof PlayerUndead™ service recovers player death, automatically restoring a player from zero health bleedout in place or to the nearest owned settlement with all their stuff and companion. Configurable service charge, health restore and inventory loss options.

Install this mod at any time in any game stage for any game difficulty (including survival) and the player is given a regenerating [ .SKK pLAYERuNDEAD ] menu item in AID inventory after exiting V111 (craft spares at the Chemlab). When the item is activated, a menu pops for:

Service state: [ Enable | *Disable ]
Service fee: [ *0% | 50% | 100% ] of player caps.
Restore [ 10% | 50% | *Full ]  of player health.
Wearyness for a while [ Enable | *Disable ] lowers ap refresh for 5 to 10 mins.
Remove a SPECIAL point on death [ Enable | *Disable ] if you have enough.
Inventory [ *Do nothing | Leave at scene | Remove all ] 
Death recovery Option [ *Show Menu | Nearest Owned Workshop | Random Location ] (new in 008)
User Notes (RTFM)

When PlayerUndead™ is enabled, the player is configured to be Essential with no bleedout recovery (like a companion) so they don't actually die. If something else has already configured the player to be Essential this tells you and stops to avoid conflict.

If inventory is configured to be left behind in a death container it is map marked with a quest objective which clears when the container is opened. Whilst the container 3d is loaded NPCs can raid it for upgrade weapons (like your workshops) so pay attention.

Remove all really does remove *everything* and then just equips a standard base game Pipboy so you can do menu stuff. If you have quest items, yes they also disappear as there is no way to identify them, so best NOT use this option when questing.

After bleeding out if the Show Menu death recovery is selected the options are [ In Place | Nearest Owned Workshop | Random Location ]. Owned workshops must be full Settlements registered with WorkshopParentScript to know about and find.

If the player has a companion using the standard companion slot who is also bleeding out, they are moved with the player so they don't try to bail and return to their home location.

Known Issues

(1) If the player dies whilst in VATS the imagespace animations can freeze and death is unrecoverable. Reload from save. 

(2) In some areas of the world bad surface/navmesh can cause the "player bleeding out on the ground" idle animation to fall through the world, or the 3rd person camera to become stuck. Reload from save.

(3) If after death recovery the player is stuck crouching, use some furniture to reset the player animation. Or Enter/exit Power Armor, enter/exit a terminal, mount and dismount a Skyrim horse, Go in 3rd-person mode then sprint then crouch (while sprinting). There is no fix, the base game bleedout animation was not designed to be used by the player.

(4) There have been reports that player death can cause clothing and hair physics to stop working on recovery. If this is infact the case for you, it is what it is (probably the base game bleedout animation again).

(5) When actors are bleeding out they are actually marked as dead so they are no longer attacked. This can cause other actors to loot their weapons and ammo during bleedout. If your stuff is not on a dead hostile, check your companion.

(6) Regardless of the health percentage to recover, radiation is always fully recovered/removed for many technical reasons.

(7) If inventory is cleared (leave behind | remove all) a base game Pipboy is returned and equipped. If using Pipboy replacers that dont have an auto re-equip function THERE WILL BE ISSUES so don't enable it. 

(8) When inventory is cleared the game must generate a notification message per item removed which can take a while to scroll. It is what it is.


(1) The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs. As this is published after November 2019 it requires Fallout4.exe (or later) or equivalent workarounds.

(2) There is one change to a base game asset: MGEF RestoreRadsCompanion to avoid Stimpaks healing rads on the player whilst they are essential. It will conflict with anything that modifies the effect.

(3) If the mod detects that the player is already essential when the [ .SKK pLAYERuNDEAD ] menu item is activated, it will pop a warning message that it can't continue. Things known to already manage the player essential state are Death Matters, Horizon, Follower Revive System, Zombie Walkers.

(4) This mod should be compatible with multiple companion/follower mods if you use the "recover in place" option. There may be issues if you use the "recover to nearest workshop option" as it doesn't know about the additional headcount to manage their bleedout state(s) so they may go elsewhere.

(5) Mods that add damage like bleeding magic effects that need special healing items (MAIM, Needs & etc) will have problems if you use a clear inventory option. There is no way for this to know about the many and varied unique effects and removal methods. Look for solutions that will automatically clear their effects OnPlayerBleedout (managed death).

PC Console configuration

If additional inventory items trigger you, no problem throw it away and use the console, hotkeys.ini or create an MCM json thing:

set SKK_PUEnabled to 1          ;; [0 | 1]
cqf SKK_PUQuest "SKK_PUQuestScript.SwitchPlayerUndead" ;; call this for enable/disable to take effect

set SKK_PUCapsCharge to 0       ;; range [0 to 1] decimal percent of player total caps. 
set SKK_PURestoreHealth to 1    ;; range [0.1 to 1] decimal percent of player total health (do not set to zero).
set SKK_PUWearinessEnabled to 0 ;; [0 | 1] switching when active will not remove it. 
set SKK_PUClearInventory to 0   ;; [0 | 1 | 2] 0 do nothing | 1 Leave at scene | 2 Remove all.
set SKK_PURecoveryOption to 0   ;; [0 | 1 | 2] 0 show menu  | 1 to owned workshop | 2 random location. (new in 008)

 PC manual installation & disable

As this makes no changes to the base game it can be installed at any time in any game stage and has no load order considerations.

Copy SKKPlayerUndead.esp and  SKKPlayerUndead – Main.BA2 to your...\Fallout 4\Data directory and add to Plugins.txt, or enable in the Bethesda mod menu, use a mod manger or however you organise. 

Do not disable this mod if the service state is enabled, but when the service state is disabled the mod is idle and can be disabled in the load order. Only remove mods if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game. If that is unclear, best to be safe and don't ever remove mods from a savegame.

Nexus FAQ

(1) Why is there no ESL version ? Because life already contains sufficient hassle. 

(2) Why an aid item menu rather than MCM ? Because 90% of SKK mod users like to shoot stuff on Xbox.

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and still need support,
use the SKK Mods Discord channel https://discord.gg/tgKNT77DC8