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Author : Seb263
Current Version : 1.1.0 (10/09/2017)
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Knockout Framework allows you to discover a whole new way of playing Fallout 4 by making it possible to knock out most of the NPCs and creatures in-game.

This mod is implemented in the most natural way possible and blends right in with the original gameplay. The mod's usability and fluidity is the result of a huge workload which relies only on scripts when necessary (No Papyrus event is used to determine when an NPC is K.O.). Because of this, the mod is constantly stable and can be uninstalled at any time without any negative impact on your save file (The mod's "reset" function must be used before uninstalling).

The mod is configured for realism by default, but it is entirely possible to customize every detail as you'd like through the in-game MCM tab or a holotape that is automatically added to your inventory (which can be discarded).

As a framework, this mod is equally available as a large resource of functions and events for modders who wish to enrich their own creations. If you're interested, please download the archive containing the Framework's source files and instructions.

How does it work?

It's as simple as it sounds :
When an actor should be killed by a weapon that is considered non-lethal, he is instead knocked out.
This also applies to essential wounded NPCs who can't keep fighting.

What weapons are considered non-lethal?

The framework itself considers (depending on the set parameters) unarmed melee attacks and gun bashing to be non-lethal to the target. Due to the framework's flexible nature, however, it is extremely easy to create mods that consider certain weapons to be non-lethal (a club or a rubber-ball rifle, for example).

What happens when an actor is knocked out?

The actor will stay unconscious for an amount of time that can be customized through the mod's configuration menu. When interacting with the bodies of a knocked out actor, you are presented with these options: Wake Up, Search, Kidnap (Move, if crouched). Using the framework, you can also easily create mods adding other actions when interacting with an unconscious body.

Is the framework worth using standalone?

Absolutely. As explained above, certain elements such as non-lethal weapons have been fully integrated into the original game. What's more, essential or protected NPCs will no longer wait around when downed but will be rendered unconscious (your followers can also be affected). Fall damage (if inferior to 200% of the NPC or player health) can also render unconscious and break certain bones...

The few NPCs who cannot be knocked out will stay downed until combat is over (with a minimum delay of 15 seconds).

NEW: Check out my new mod: Non-Lethal Armory (it changes the behavior of all melee weapons of the game)

Can the player character be knocked out?

Yes, and the functionalities are exactly the same as for NPCs. However, this option is deactivated by default because no scenarios have been created for an unconscious player. Other mods using the framework can easily modify this parameter and create their own scenarios with full transparency.

There are no prerequisites for this mod to work.
Knockout Framework is compatible with the Mod Configuration Menu but it is not mandatory.

Automatic Installation:
To install the mod automatically, use the mod manager of your choosing.

Manual Installation:
1. Download the latest recommanded version the mod.
2. Open the archive using 7zip or Winrar.
3. Put "Knockout Framework.esm", "Knockout Framework - Main.bsa", "Interface" and "MCM" in the "Data" folder of the game. (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data)
4. Launch the game and enable the Knockout Framework mod.

If you updated the mod from version 1.0.1 to 1.1.0 and didn't get a message telling you that the mod has been updated, then you have to use the reset function of the holotape / MCM.

Important: Before uninstalling the mod, please restart the mod via the configuration menu.
If you can't have acces to the configuration menu, open the command console and enter "StartQuest KFResetQuest".
Once the mod is restarted, save your game and quit.
Now you can uninstall all the mod's files ("Knockout Framework.esm", "Knockout Framework - Main.bsa" and all the concerned files in the "Interface" and "MCM" folders).

Question: Does this works on companions?
Answer: Yes, it is working for vanilla and modded companions.

Question: Is this mod compatible with [insert your mod here]?
Answer: This mod is completely self-contained and should not conflict with any other mod.
The only exceptions are mods that modify one of these perks: Iron Fist, Sniper, Commando, Gunslinger, Fortune Finder

Question: Can you kill an actor after knocking him out with a non-lethal weapon?
Answer: If he is not essential then yes, you can finish a K.O.'d actor using a power attack, a gun bashing or a lethal weapon.

Question: Do you gain experience by knocking out other actors?
Answer: Yes, and you can adjust the XP multiplier in the configuration menu.

Question: What is an actor's current alert level when waking up from being unconscious?
Answer: If an actor wakes up while his aggressor is still in the area, he will try to find him for a few seconds (as if he had heard something). He will never run to his aggressor if he can't see him when waking up.

Question: Does the power armor also allows to knock out other actors?
Answer: Yes, it can also be used to knock out other actors.

An optional archive containing functions, events, and a few examples is available in the download tab. The sources provided contain all the functions and events available. All of these functions and events are documented for problem-solving and to save you time. If the examples provided aren't enough, please consult the Wiki page of the Creation Kit on inter-mod communications (You should read this over once to be safe, either way).

Finally, if you have any questions or suggestions to improve the Framework or it's API, do not hesitate to post in the thread made for this purpose (found in the mod page's forum tab). I will do my best to provide answers quickly.

Thanks to bbe for the translation of the mod's description.
Thanks to Epervier 666 for his ESP-ESM Translator tool.
Thanks to Bethesda for Fallout 4 and the Creation Kit.

Do not hesitate to send me translations for this mod.
Feel free to use any source file of this mod's API for your own creations.

This mod may not be modified or published without my permission.
I do not endorse Bethesda's recent and intensifying behavior towards his community and so decided that none of my mods would be present on bethesda.net, for both PCs and consoles. Please, don't waste your time sending me queries about this.