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Request your desired workshop item!

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== Request Time ==

This is a mod and a workshop request thread. Please only workshop items (existing or new models equally good).

How does this work? Simple - you say "Can you please make <item of invaluable glory>?", I look, judge, and if I can/want, I'll make it!

What are the rules?

  • Settlement workshop items only. I don't do anything else, please don't ask.
  • Don't ask for more than 15 items, or sets. I won't make sets for this.
  • Make sure you have a clear, reasonable request. No "can you add like.. more walls". Correct way is "I want a blue wall with 3 wood pieces across it, see drawing/image."
  • If it's an item present in the game world, provide a pic of it and a pic of the pipboy map.


  • All credits for the idea go to Sammy, she made this a thing (all the items in the first mod are her requests). Check out my profile for more awesome stuff!
  • Models for the howitzer, the wall clocks and the vendor hut are made by uedftus. Give him a kudos!