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This mod adds triangular foundation/floor/upper floor pieces for you to build circular designs with.

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Pretty triangles and circles <3

This mod was created with some leftover ideas from my wedges mod. People seemed to enjoy triangles
and circles so I decided to make triangles and circles for vanilla stuff. This mod will allow you to create circular structure combining the old square pieces with these new triangular ones. The pieces are of the right size to snap to the vanilla stuff you'd expect them to snap to. They will also snap to kit pieces from the workshop DLCs but we all know how wonky those sets are,so don't expect miracles.

Content (Description pages are boring.)

A triangular foundation piece.Works well on the foundation level since it has pillars under it (duh.)
A triangular floor piece.(You use this to make floors I guess)
A triangular upper floor piece.(You can use this to make floors/roofs)

How to use the mod.

The new pieces are located in the wooden floors category of the workshop menu.

The pieces are navmeshed and pathing should mostly work.The game doesn't  really love triangles too much
and stairs will not work right when snapped to a triangle.Snap stairs to squares and squares to triangles 
for the best results.

I'm writing this description at 1:30 am,I'm tired,mostly lazy,I love you all.G'night.

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* Thanks to Robboten for the new triangular mesh.Go endorse his mods.Go,go go!