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This is an small mod for Horizon from zawinul. This mod changes lyrConf.xml, DEF_INV_TAGS.xml and DEF_INV_TABS.xml so you can have more sub menus with icons for all the new items that horizon adds to the game (wich are a lot).
This mod must overwrite horizon files but it uses no esp.

Permissions and credits

This is an small mod for Horizon  from zawinul which is one if not the best overhaul for Fallout 4, it really is a game changing mod, and this is a small contribution to it. English is not my native language so bear with me ;)

Update for Horizon v1.1.4, added a few missing items from the DLC, now requires NukaWorld.
Update for Horizon v1.2.0 beta, added a new sub menu for armors parts, new icons.
NEW Update for Horizon v1.3.1+, changes are on the post and changelog.
NEW Update for Horizon v1.4.1+, Remade all files, now it uses no esp. All changes are in the Description.
NEW Update for Horizon v1.4.6 Added a new submenu, fix melee weapons, remove "Armor Parts" Submenu.
NEW Update for Horizon v1.4.7, update DEF_INV_TAGS to latest horizon.


This mod changes lyrConf.xml, DEF_INV_TAGS.xml and DEF_INV_TABS.xml so you can have more sub menus with icons for all the new items that horizon adds to the game (wich are a lot). Since Horizon v1.4.1 this mod don't use any esp.

For more details see the pictures above wich are worth a thousand words.

This first release of this mod is in sync with the latest horizon version, I'll try to update this mod every time Horizon gets an update.

Horizon 1.4.1 to 1.4.5+ already adds more/better submenus and sorting icons so the only thing this patch does now is to add some more and tweak some other things. If you dont like a submenu or want to add more you can do it on the lyrConf.xml file just make sure you use the right order for the subFilter, you can use another submenu as a template, for example if you want to add a new food sub, use the crops or the Ingredients submenu as a template and change the subfilter, cathegory and text values, I will add a tutorial later is really simple.

Mod Breakthrough:

New Submenus:

  • Added "Devices" submenu, for Call armored dog and bot, Portable Memory Devices, Stealth Boy, Desployable Mini Turrets, Disposable Ceramic Platings and items with prefix (Device|A|X|^|^D|^M|^S|^T).
  • Added "Survival" submenu, for Food, Purified Water, Sanitized Water, V7 Juice, RadAway and Ultra RadAway, Rad-X, Herbal Remedy etc. and items with prefix (Food | == | ? | -R)
  • Added  "Explosives" submenu, self explanatory for items with prefix: (Grenade|Signal|Mine|Trap|Explosive).
  • Added "Settler Weapons" submenu, for Combat shotgun (settler), Combat Rifle (settler) etc. and weapons with prefix: (X|SW).
  • Added "Damaged Weapons" sub menu, for weapons with prefix: (D-).
  • Added "Armor Parts" submenu, for Helmets, Arm and Legs (left), Arm and Leg (right), Chest pieces of armor, prefix: (Underarmor|ArmL|ArmR|LegL|LegR|Chest). I PUT THIS LAST IF YOU DONT LIKE IT JUST DELETE IT ON lyrConf.xml

Other changes:

Edits to DEF_INV_TABS.xml:
  • Added  "FOOD" tab to container menu for ingestibles that satiate Hunger and Thirst, they´ll appear here intead of the AID tab, prefix: (Food, Prewar, Raw, Crops, Liquor, =, ==, =C, Nuka, Ale, Wild).
  • Added a "EXPLOSIVES" tab to container menu, self explanatory, now explosives will appear here intead of WEAPONS tab, prefix: (Grenade|Signal|Mine|Trap|Explosive).

Edits to DEF_INV_TAGS.xml:
  • Added my own tags for other Horizon patches I made (Sim Settlements, Mercenary pack, Cross Brotherhood and Strigidae, Bounties for You, Remote explosives etc).
  • Change the icon for this tags: Settings, 1Settings, !Mask and Modbook.

I will add more submenus as and when I'll play Horizon.

Requirements and Installation:

Install with NMM Recommended in this order.
DEF_UI by Neanka and Valdacil v1.4.3+
Horizon by Zawinul v1.4.5+

Recommended Mods:
AWKCR by Valdacil - Gambit77 - AndrewCX
Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI by Omega  (almost mandatory, contains all the icons. I've included a copy in the installer for easier installment).
Gold Kit for Color Pipboy -anti-Black and White Screen- by Zenotep (removes the monochrome display in the Pipboy, making it ready to show colors).
DEF_UI Pipboy Controller Support Tweak by ngliii74  (if you use xbox controller this allows you to go back from the sub menu with the left bumper).
No Blur while Crafting by Aleirin  (to improve your crafting menu)
Crafting Highlight Fix by registrator2000  (requieres F4SE and MCM but is so good)

My other mods and Horizon Patches:

Sim Settlements Building Plans Tags and more
Unofficial Horizon Many Patches
Horizon Backpacks Patch - Survivalist Go-Bags
Unofficial Horizon Wasteland Heroines Replacer Patch
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redbaron148, inkblack85, RickTheNexus and ThenMan have a whole bunch more of horizon patches, check them out!:
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Neanka and Valdacil