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Last updated at 18:38, 13 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 5:15, 15 May 2017

This is an small mod for Horizon  from zawinul which is one if not the best overhaul for Fallout 4, it really is a game changing mod, and this is a small contribution to it. English is not my native language so bear with me :)

Update for Horizon v1.1.0, as far as I know still working with version 1.1.4.
Update for Horizon v1.1.4, added a few missing items from the DLC, now requires NukaWorld.
Update for Horizon v1.2.0 beta, added a new sub menu for armors parts, new icons.

NEW Update for Horizon v1.3.1+, changes are on the post and changelog.


This mod changes lyrConf.xml and DEF_INV_TAGS.xml files so you can have better sub menus with icons for all the new items that horizon adds to the game (which are not few).
For more detail see the pictures above wich are worth a thousand words.

This first release of this mod is in sync with the latest horizon version, I'll try to update this mod every time Horizon gets an update.

There are two version of this mod the SIMPLE version has no esp and it only change and adds some sub menus, the ESP version is more complete and adds better sub menus for "device, food, ModSettings, Chems", it also has better sorting for other items i could not fix in the SIMPLE version,  more details below.

SIMPLE Version:
  • Changes in the AID Tab:
Added "Food" sub menu, for food items like cooked food, raw food, crops and any other item with prefix (Food|Prewar|Raw|Crops|Wild).
Added  "Drink" sub menus, for items like Purified water, Sanitized water, Nuka Cola, Beer etc, and any other item with prefix (=|Liquor).
Added "Chems" Sub menu, for items like Adrenaline injector, Buffout and other addictive chems with prefix (~).
Added "Aid" sub menu, for items like addictol, advances antibiotics, rad away and any othe item with prefix (-).
Added "Device" sub menu, only for Disposable Ceramic plating and other disposable armor buffs added by horizon, prefix (A).
I leave healing items without sub menu like bandage, Combat Stimpack, Trauma Kit and other items with prefix (+) for quick access.
  • Changes in the MISC Tab:
Added "Key/Password" sub menu for items with prefix [Key|Passcard|Pass].
Added "Holotape/Note" sub menu, for games, Hototapes and notes, has prefix (Game|#Holotape|#Note)
Unlock "Magazines" sub menu, for prefix [Magazine].
Added "Tools" sub menu for tool items like Filter, Screwdriver, Locksmith tools, Lockpicks etc and items with prefix  (X|Utility).
Added "ModSettings" sub menu, for Horizon holotape and other mod configuration holotapes that have prefix [Settings|Modbook]
  • Changes in WEAPONS tab: 
Change "Explosives" sub menu now it adds traps too, prefix (Grenade|Signal|Mine|Trap).
ESP Version:
  • Change Ingestibles - prefix "(^)" to "(Device)" so now other devices like stealth boy, portable memory device, call cargo bot, call Guard Dog etc. should appear on the "Device" sub menu.
  • Change Ingestibles - prefix "{I}" to "[Toxic]" so now toxic food like: moldy food, irradiated blood, rotten fruit etc. should appear on the "food" sub menu.
  • Change Ingestibles - prefix "(?)" to "(Achems)" so now other aid-chems like Rad-x, herbal anodyne etc. should appear on the "Aid" sub menu.
  • Two new key words to def_inv_tags.xml, '1Settings' and 'Modbook' for the "ModSettings" sub menu.

Requirements and Installation:

Install with NMM Recommended in this order.
DEF_UI by Neanka and Valdacil v1.4.3+
Horizon by Zawinul v1.3.1+
Recommended Mods:
AWKCR by Valdacil - Gambit77 - AndrewCX
Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI by Omega  (for more color icons).
Gold Kit for Color Pipboy -anti-Black and White Screen- by Zenotep (removes the monochrome display in the Pipboy, making it ready to show colors).
DEF_UI Pipboy Controller Support Tweak by ngliii74  (if you use xbox controller this allows you to go back from the sub menu with the left bumper).

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