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Mod that expands Diamond City and Fenway Park, adding several new areas to explore both in the city and inside the stadium building.

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As some of you know I gave a grace period before removing my mod prior to the introduction of Collections. I thought people would be more understanding and supportive of this choice, however since that wasn't the case rather than removing it I just lost all energy to even care anymore. Logging in to my Nexus account just gave me anxiety and for my own well being I just ignored it all. So for the sake of closure this is me completely retiring from the modding community, who knows maybe I'll return if Starfield seems promising and if Nexus decides to give the option to opt out of collections.

Thank you to all of you who have supported my work, provided me with feedback and even helped me with solving issues. There's a lot of love in this community.

If you wish to make adjustments to the mod or make addons/translations feel free to do so without having my permission.

Wish you all the best,


Why are objects and textures in Diamond City flickering and disappearing?

This mod is huge and actions have been taken to mitigate negative impact on your fps. You'll get much better performance in Diamond City, but the tradeoff is that it increases the risk of mod conflict.

Problem: You have another mod that makes modifications to Diamond City.
Solution: Make sure that Diamond City Expansion (DCE) is in the bottom of your load order (highest index number)

Problem: You have another mod with dirty edits (accidentally made changes to Diamond City).
Solution: Make sure that DCE is in the bottom of your load order (highest index number)

Problem: Your data folder is messy, particularly Meshes>Precombined.
Solution: Uninstall all mods, check that the Meshes folder is empty, reinstall the mods.

Problem: A previous version of DCE, or a conflicting mod, has information stored in your save file.
Solution: To determine whether or not you have a dirty save, bring up the console from the main menu and type "coc diamondcityorigin". You'll be teleported to Diamond City with a fresh spawn. If it's still flickering, try this:

1. Leave Diamond City and save your game
2. Uninstall the mod and any mod that might conflict
3. Load previous save
4. Create a new save and exit the game
5. Re-install the mod
6. Load the latest save.

Think of your list of mods as a deck of cards. Fallout 4 master files always have the lowest index numbers, which means they'll be the first cards you draw and put in your "played" pile. You keep drawing cards until you get to the last card which has the highest number in your deck. The last card you play ends up on the very top of your "played" pile, there are no other cards that can be put on top to cancel it.

Do I need every DLC? Can you plz make a version for me that doesn't require them?

Yep, you need all of then. Nope, I want to use my pastime to improve my mod not downgrade it. Please respect that.

Why can't I get that fusebox working even though I carry fuses?

The fuseboxes in Fenway Stadium require RobCo fuses, a special type of fuse that can be found, or bought, in Diamond City.

What are those groovy tunes in Red Seat District?

S Strong And Boogie Belgique - Noir
Louloufiozor - Basic Charente Swing
Swing-Thru - The Reefer Song
S Strong & Mononome - Jive & Ride

But why are those groovy tunes so loud?!

There's an optional file available that decreases the volume. The loud music does a lot for the atmosphere though, so I really recommend keeping it as it is.

How do I fix the texture issues on some NPCs when using CBBE?

This mod uses vanilla bodies because they tend to be more lore friendly than any exaggerated alternatives out there. For those who still want to use CBBE with this mod AWP3RATOR has been kind enough to make a patch. Don't forget to endorse and give him your thanks.

Is this mod compatible with [mod name]?

If the mod doesn't touch Diamond City, then you should be fine. But any other overhauls of Diamond City will most definitely conflict.


1.0 - First release

1.0.1 - Cleanup and compatibility update

1.0.2 - Fenway Shelters and expanded exteriors

1.1 - East District completed

1.2 - All district exteriors completed

1.3 - Red Seat District completed

1.3.1 - Bug fixes and minor changes

1.3.2 - Bug fixes and minor changes

1.4 - Upper Stands

1.5 - Abandoned Hallways of Fenway Park

1.6 - Original Diamond City Revamp and optimization