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In a first of its kind for Fallout 4, this mod lets you save your entire loadout, including armor pieces! Then equip and swap between saved loadouts with the press of a button. You don't even need to open your Pip-Boy! It's like favorites, but entire loadouts at a time.

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Outfit Switcher
Save your outfit setups.


  • Hotkey activation - cycle between loadouts.
  • Prepare your wardrobe. Store up to twenty outfit loadouts!
  • Five dedicated outfit switchers to immediately switch to your desired outfit loadout.
  • Change outfits in real-time without pausing the game.
  • Yes, I know why you don't put on your hazmat suit... ;)

In a first of its kind for Fallout 4, this mod lets you save your entire outfit set, including armor pieces! Then equip and swap between saved outfit sets with the press of a button. You don't even need to open your Pip-Boy! It's like favorites, but entire loadouts at a time.


Always wearing the same thing because of the hassle of changing? Downloaded all those rad clothing mods from the Nexus but end up only wearing one all the time? Annoyed that you'd have to fill up all your favorite slots to have even one outfit equipped on-the-fly?

Perhaps you'd like to walk around town in more comfortable wear, and gear up when you leave. Or perhaps you just want some variety. Outfit Switcher takes the pain out of searching through your inventory to equip your helmet, your left arm armor, your right arm armor, your chestpiece, your left leg armor, your right leg armor, that pesky Vault suit that you have to scroll down all the way to find... you get the drift.


After installing the mod, you will receive two items in the Aid section of your Inventory - Outfit Switcher and Outfit Configurator.

Cycling through outfits

Assign the Outfit Switcher item to a favorites hotkey of your choice. That hotkey will cycle through your saved outfits.

Dedicated outfit activators

Five dedicated outfit switchers are available to craft at the Chemisty Station, under Utility. They are named Loadout 1 to Loadout 5 and can be renamed at the Armor Workbench. When activated, they switch directly to those outfit loadouts.

Managing outfit loadouts

First, equip whatever pieces of equipment you want saved into a loadout. Then open Outfit Configurator. Choose Save Loadout to save your currently equipped pieces into the loadout shown in the Config. Please wait until you receive the Loadout Saved message before exiting your Pip-Boy.

Hotkeying loadouts to any key

I highly recommend using Outfit Switcher with FO4 Hotkeys! You'll be able to hotkey any loadout to any key. Download the hotkey package from the Optional Files section to automatically put Outfit Switcher's hotkeys into your Hotkeys.ini file. If you wish, you can even bind loadout-switching to your mouse wheel while the Shift key is held down!


Variants of a unique item can only be assigned to a single loadout! This means that you can't hotkey light combat armor and heavy combat armor to different loadouts. Variants have the same ID and are indistinguishable, so the mod won't be able to tell them apart. The game will always load the set that you last equipped if you store variants in different loadouts.


Compatible with all equipment, even those added by mods.

Modifies zero forms - won't conflict with any other mods! You are free to place Outfit Switcher anywhere in your load order.

Expand to view.
Advanced users can access advanced features via the console.

To show or hide <Loadout Activated> notifications: (v2.2 and up)

    cqf outfits shownotifications <true/false>

    Default: False
    Example: Display notifications when switching loadouts.
    cqf outfits shownotifications true
    NB: The Configurator always shows your active loadout number if you need to check which loadout you've just activated.

Copy loadouts from one slot to another:

    cqf outfits copyloadout <fromNumber> <toNumber>

    Example: Copy the contents of Loadout 4 into Loadout 1, overwriting Loadout 1.
    cqf outfits copyloadout 4 1

NOTE: The following commands are only in v2.2 and up.

View stats about your loadouts:

    cqf outfits info

View the form IDs stored in one of your loadouts:

    cqf outfits info <loadoutNumber>

    Example: View what's in loadout 1.
    cqf outfits info 1

Add a single item to one of your loadouts (you can add weapons this way, if so desired):

    cqf outfits AddToLoadout <loadoutNumber> <formID>

Remove a single item from one of your loadouts:

    cqf outfits RemoveFromLoadout <loadoutNumber> <formID>

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