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A simple autosave manager.

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This mod is a simple autosave manager inspired by CASM from Fallout 3/NV by Cipscis.

This mod works on all difficulty levels, including survival mode.

It adds the following additional autosave events:

- the player ends combat.

- the player exits the workshop build mode.

- the player completed a quest.

- the player discovered a location.

- the player cleared a location.

It replaces/restores the following autosave events:

- the player enters or leaves a location through a load screen.

- the player waits.

- the player sleeps.

The mod will additionally make an autosave if no event has triggered for 15 min.

Autosaves will not be created in combat and are delayed until combat ends.

The mod will by default wait 5 minutes between events before a new autosave is created.
This excludes sleep and wait.

Events can be de/activated and times changed via a holotape.
All events can be configured to ignore and/or not set the delay.

Changing the timer interval triggers an autosave.


NMM/MO: Download with manager and activate.

Manuel: Copy the content of the archive into your Fallout 4 data folder:
<Steam dir>/steamapps/common/fallout 4/data

I recommend disabling all autosaves from the gameplay menu whenn not in survival to prevent double saves.

I also recommend adding the following to your Fallout4Custom.ini to increase the number of autosaves the game cycles through:



Uninstalling mod's is not recommended.

Use the console to type in the following command:

stopquest SM_SaveManagerQuest
stopquest SM_SaveOnClearedQuest

Save and exit your game.

NMM/MO: Deactivate the mod in the mods tab.

Delete the SaveManager.esp and SaveManager - Main.ba2 files in your fallout 4/data folder

***Future Plans:***

I will switch to saves with custom names as soon as F4SE adds a function for that.

Fallout 4's version of the MCM Menu will replace the holotape menu.

***Credits and special thanks to:***

Bethesda for this great game.
Cipscis for CASM