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Standalone version of the signature weapon from our upcoming quest mod E Pluribus Unum. Highly moddable and balanced as an endgame weapon.

Permissions and credits
The Union Blaster is a prototype energy weapon developed by the Wanderer's Union - a nation far south of the Commonwealth, and a major faction in our upcoming quest mod E Pluribus Unum. A hybrid of terrestrial and alien technology, the Blaster accepts standard fusion cells and features a dizzying array of mods that let it play almost any combat role - from a rapid-fire sidearm to heavy artillery.

See It In Action!

Watch the EPU trailer!

Where Can I Find One?
In the standalone version, you have two ways to acquire a Union Blaster. One can be found on the corpse of a Union operative in front of the Glowing Sea's Sentinel Site. Alternatively, a character with Science! rank 3 can build one using any laser weapon, 12 alien blaster cells, and various components at a chemistry station.

Mod List

  • Standard (projectile)
  • Compound Emitter (shotgun)
  • Gravitic Tether (homing projectiles, reduced damage)
  • Warp Conduit (beam, reduced damage)
  • Vortex Emitter (long-range flamethrower, converts any barrel but Charging to automatic fire)
  • Singularity Core (explosive projectiles, greatly reduced damage)
  • Standard
  • Extended (improved damage, reduced rate of fire)
  • Charging
  • Automatic
  • Standard
  • High-Capacity Terminal (2x ammo per reload)
  • Antimatter Recirculator (improved rate of fire)
  • Frequency Oscillator (ignore 30% of target's energy resistance)
  • Gamma Matrix (adds radiation damage)
  • Inertial Dampener (better accuracy and recoil)
  • Recycler Chip (25% chance to recover expended ammo)
  • Standard
  • Firelance (ignites enemies, improved damage)
  • Biolectric Cascade (organic enemies take extra damage, explode into electric arcs when killed)
  • Signal Overload (extra damage to robots, may stun them)
  • Gravity Well (briefly slows enemies)
  • Particle Recombinator (disintegrated enemies may leave behind raw materials)
  • Flashlight (does not interfere with Pip-Boy light if weapon is holstered!)
  • Bayonet
  • Electrified Bayonet
  • Compatible with standard laser stocks and grips
  • Compatible with standard laser sights and scopes
  • Recon Reflex Sight

Special Thanks to Flipdark95 for producing early drafts of the receiver and barrel meshes

Known Issues
While modding the Blaster, its glass enclosure does not render. This bug disappears as soon as you leave the workbench.

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