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Improves the manufacturing devices from Contraptions Workshop. Now you can choose which armor parts to build, manufacture Vault jumpsuits and energy weapon ammo, and extract components from workshop inventory!

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Want to build your own settlers? Workshop Synth Production is just what your factory needs!
Version 1.4 allows the component extractor and object extractor to pull items from linked workshops, among other general improvements. You will need to access the extractor's settings from a terminal.
Version 1.3 adds a generic object extractor and a workaround for Recycler-related lag.
Version 1.2 adds a conveyor intersection, adds an auto-loom to produce faction armor, and allows the explosives mill to produce Nuka Grenades and nuke mines.

The manufacturing mechanics introduced in Contraptions Workshop are frankly underwhelming; they require too much manual intervention and tend to be incomplete (ammo types) or annoyingly random (armor manufacturing). This mod aims to fix that.

New Devices

Component Extractor
Breaks down junk from the workshop's inventory, then outputs components onto its conveyor belt. You can specify which components to extract by placing them in its inventory. It can also pull items from workshops linked by supply lines.

Object Extractor
Pulls items from the workshop. You can specify which items to extract by placing them in its inventory. It can also pull items from workshops linked by supply lines.

Junk items passed into it are broken down into components.

Conveyor Workshop Storage
Deposits items into the workshop's inventory.

Conveyor Intersection
Allows joining belts at a 90-degree angle.

Vault-Tec Auto-Loom
Builds jumpsuits and other Vault-related outfits.

Faction Auto-Loom
Builds Brotherhood, Institute, Railroad, Minutemen, and Atom Cats clothing.

Power Armor Forge
Builds power armor pieces, fusion cores, and frame kits. With a kit in your inventory, go to the Special workshop category to build a frame.

Melee Weapon Forge
Builds melee weapons.

Fist Weapon Forge
Builds unarmed weapons.

Produces alcohol and Nuka Cola products.

Breaks down corpses into meat, bone, leather, or other resources depending on the type of creature. And yes, it works on people too...

Robot Disassembler
Breaks down destroyed robots into junk and components.

Inventory Management Brain
When power to this device is toggled, components, ammo, and aid items stored in the workbench are consolidated into a single object reference. This can relieve lag caused by how FO4 handles in-world objects.

Far Harbor Ammunition Plant (Requires optional patch)
Produces Far Harbor ammunition.

Modified Devices

Armor Forge
Now allows you to choose which piece is produced. Also can now produce synth armor.

Ammunition Plant
Now produces fusion cells, plasma cartridges, gamma cells, flamer fuel, cryo cells, and railroad spikes.

Explosives Mill
Now produces cannonballs, missiles, mini-nukes, nuka grenades, and nuke mines.

Weapon Forge
Now produces syringers and railway rifles.

Energy Weapon Forge
Now produces Institute laser weapons.


Other modders have taken Manufacturing Extended and... extended it. Please message me if you'd like your mod featured here.

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