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Name: Danse No X-01
Version: 1.00
Author: Mystyk (star-mystyk)

Note: If you find any of my mods on Beth.net they have been stolen. Please report them. I have not uploaded anything there yet.

This is just a simple little mod to prevent Danse from jumping into X-01 power armor after Blind Betrayal. Sure, there's a few ways to get him out of it but, I've never been interested in doing any of that. I wanted something easy, no messing around in the console or whatnot.
Instead, he still wears the BoS uniform and hood. So, finding him some decent gear would be a good idea :-)

Note: For this mod to work as intended it should be activated *before* the scene with Maxson outside the bunker.
If you've already completed Blind Betrayal and/or the main quest the mod won't work, you'll need to get him out of his PA some other way.

The Optional file on the download page has him in unpainted T-60 instead, as requested in the comments. Only use one file (Main or Optional), not both.

For the latest install instructions:

I don't use mod managers, I prefer manually installing mods, so I can't help with that.

It took me a little while to finally figure it out, I knew there had to be a way.
I know there's a mod, now, that enables him to be ordered out of power armor, as you do with other companions, but I wanted something different and only at a certain point. Prior to end game I don't mind him being in PA all the time. I don't use him all that time, I can only stand so much bossiness.
For me, it makes sense that after being exiled he wouldn't be wearing power armor, especially a new set so quickly. It is literally seconds after completing Blind Betrayal that he changes to X-01. Maybe there was a set stashed in the back room of the bunker that I didn't see earlier.

Recommended Mods:
If you want to use all of them then mod merging will be necessary.
Although, the second and third ones can't be used together.

No Brotherhood Hostility for Danse (there are a couple out there but this one worked the best for me)
Paladin Danse Face Clean Up (this one can be seen in the image)
Badass Companions (I've only just started using this the other day, after merging my mod and the hostility fix into it. I prefer this version, now).

Tools Used:

You can find me on the BethSoft forums as 'MystykStar'
Beth.net forums as 'mystyk'
And here as 'Star-Mystyk'

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My mods are not to be re-uploaded onto other sites without my permission. Likewise for "editing," "fixing," and re-uploading.