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Version: 1.1
Date: 21-11-2010
Last Updated: 14-01-11
Category: Savegames
Author: MystykStar

Added in one male face preset. With no cosmetic mods for male characters for NV it's rather difficult to make something acceptable.
I use a couple of mods from Fallout 3. These two are required if you want the male preset to look even remotely like mine. Links are under Recommendations below.

One is a mesh replacer, the other a texture replacer. No esps.

The faces are now all available in a single esp as presets.
That may make it a bit easier for some. But, the mod recommendations still apply.

One male and five female characters made entirely in the ingame facegen.

If using the savegames:
All characters are saved in Doc Mitchell's house, just before using the SPECIAL machine (I forget the name of it).
If you're using a body replacer you'll be standing in your birthday suit. If you're not you'll be wearing your underwear :-)

The savegames have no mods attached.

At the moment there are only Caucasians and Hispanics. I may add to this with more faces later on to include a wider variety of races.

I haven't included the head meshes or face textures I use. You'll have to go and get those yourself.
See Recommendations below.

The savegames go in a different folder and, if you use the recommended mods (which include custom textures and meshes) all NPC's will use them, too.
The other file contains an esp with all the faces as presets.

You'll need the face textures (and head mesh for the male one) if you want them to look the same as mine in your game. If you use anything other than vanilla they should still look alright, just not the same.

Included so far are:
Caucasian - Rose, Taya, Clio, Felix
Hispanic - Jane, Kat

These faces were originally made for Fallout 3. You can find that version here.

+ These are the mods I use to have my female characters look as they do:

Dimonized Female Races and Textures Beta (FO3)

Copy only these files into your Data/Textures/Characters/Female folder:
  • headhuman.dds
  • headhuman_n.dds


Project Mikoto Beauty Pack

All its files are bundled in a BSA but upon extracting it has face textures. So, if you already have this you don't need the Dimonized mod above.
None of the saves are dependant upon this mod, it's just listed here as an alternative.
Naturally Mikoto will conflict with any other cosmetic mod, please read its page for more information.

Vanilla not recommended.

ThrottleKitty's Head Fixes

Copy these files into your Data/Meshes/Characters/Head folder:
  • HeadFemale.nif
  • HeadFemale.tri
  • HeadFemale.egm


Eyelashes New Vegas by ThrottleKitty

It includes the head fixes from FO3 as well as a few other things which may be useful.

+ These are the mods I use to have my male characters look as they do:

Better Male Face
  • Copy the files into your Data/Meshes/Characters/Head folder

Younger Male Face
  • Copy the files into your Data\Textures\Characters\Male folder

Note: If you can't live without facial hair on your male character then Better Male Face will limit you in what you can have due to clipping with some styles.

To summarise...

For the female faces you'll need:
Dimonized Female Races and Textures Beta (FO3) -OR- Project Mikoto Beauty Pack (choose one as both contain the face texture)
ThrottleKitty's Head Fixes -OR- Eyelashes New Vegas (choose one as both contain the same head mesh)

For the male face:
Better Male Face -AND- Younger Male Face

The default location for save files is: My Documents/My Games/FalloutNV/Saves
The esp goes in your Fallout NV Data folder. It doesn't really matter where it goes in your load order. Although if another mod has edited presets then loading this one after it/them will ensure the faces show up when you cycle through them at the start of a new game.

Other Stuff:
If you want to use any of the faces on your own savegame, or wish to start in another location other than Doc Mitchell's house you will need Facegen Exchange for FNV to copy the face data from my files onto yours. It's pretty easy to use.
Input file would one of my faces, output file is your save. For best results and a more accurate 'face transplant' the two saves must be the same race, and preferably the same gender ;-)

Mods Shown in Screenshots:
Satchels (an old version)
Roberts Male Body
Type3 Body & Armor Replacer
Project Mikoto Beauty Pack
The outfit Felix wears, with the red t-shirt, is a mash-up I did. I don't remember all the mods I used in that, and I can't find them here.

I do periodically check the comments, even though I no longer play this game. But...

Before posting please read through the previous comments to see if your issue has already been brought up and solved. I don't have the time to walk new users numerous times through the whole process of downloading and installing, configuring and troubleshooting their game and load order.
The recommended mods are listed, and linked to, as well as a suggestion on where best the esp file should be in your load order, and why.
If all this is too much work, or you don't understand the above instructions then either don't use the esp or skip this mod entirely and find something easier that requires no thinking to install and use.

You can find me on the BethSoft forums as 'MystykStar'
Beth.net forums as 'mystyk'
And here as 'Star-Mystyk'

This mod, and the included characters, are not to be re-hosted anywhere else.

Tools Used:
Facegen Exchange for NV

My Other Mods: