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Name: No Companion Junk Comments
Version: 1.00
Author: Mystyk (star-mystyk)

Note: If you find any of my mods on Beth.net they have been stolen. Please report them. I have not uploaded anything there yet.

No longer will companions gripe about all that crap you collect. The only times they do are to positively comment on any pre-war objects you pick up - eg. antique globes, pre-war money (except for Strong, he still thinks it's junk). Those ones are in a different list which I left unedited on purpose, as IMO, it's not as annoying.

Edit: Subway Tokens are no longer worthless. Protectron Subway Steward Fix gives them a use. Now, like all that other junk, they are useful. Unfortunately your opinionated companions don't agree.
If you read my previous comment here it was the only item I left in the form list as I thought I needed to leave one item in the list for the whole thing to work properly. I don't think I do.

May 9, 2017: File updated to include subway tokens. Even if you don't use the above mod companions won't complain if you pick them up by accident.

For the latest install instructions:

I don't use mod managers, I prefer manually installing mods, so I can't help with that.

I did this a while ago. There is another one out there somewhere, but I didn't find it earlier. Doesn't matter, I made one for myself as I couldn't stand it any longer :-)

Edit: If you prefer to save an esp slot there's an even easier way to mute annoying lines by NPC's. FO4 Voice File Reference Tool allows you to search for the offending line and generate an empty audio file. Unfortunately it doesn't support DLC's (yet?).

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Beth.net forums as 'mystyk'
Here as 'Star-Mystyk'

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