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Added: 29/09/2007 - 03:37PM
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Mr Frosty is a fully textured snowman, but static, which means he can't be picked up or moved. He wears a black hat, has a carrot nose and coal for buttons. He also holds a broom but that's not part of his mesh, I added that in for aesthetic purposes.

Mr Frosty can be found in three locations in snowy parts of northern Cyrodiil. One is outside the Bruma Castle with a note on his left arm giving a hint on where the other two can be found. Hopefully it's not too vague.
If it's not on his arm it's on the ground nearby.
* Version 1.1 - One has been added outside Cloud Ruler Temple and, another slightly different one, outside Anvil Castle.

The places I've added him to shouldn't conflict with anything. But, if they do, please let me know and I shall move him and/or his clones.

Mr Frosty is not to be uploaded or re-distributed on other sites without my permission.

A huge thank you to JDFan for the UV mapping and texturing. All my problems were solved when he came to the rescue :-)
A big thank you also to WillieSea for his input, encouragement, ideas and testing :-)

If there are any issues, questions, suggestions feel free to post or PM, I can be found on the Official forum as MystykStar.

The new release thread can be found here as the last two got pruned.

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If I haven't listed your mod perhaps you didn't send me a link. Please PM me if that's the case and I'll add a link to your mod.


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