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New skins in game. Again.

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Replacer^ This replaces the some standard skins textures in DAO which is used for all player characters and NPCs, like as "fema", "kida", "masa", "elfa" with some of new textures... If you want it))))

New Skins part1^ My own HD face-textures (VilaS3, 5, 8, 9, 13, 18)

New Skins paret2^HD face-textures (VilaS2, velfa, vkida, vfema, vmasa)

SPECIAL-PACK 1^ HD face tex with scars (aedan, alistair, rades, steel, vilaflmt)

SPECIAL-PACK 2^ HD Ft (vilaleli, vilaS20, vilaS7, vilaS7a, vilazaeed)

New Make-Up^ New replacer for make-up file/ Now you'll have make-up without blush but with double-colored eye-shadows.

The new textures has double the resolution of the original and is based on images of real skins, adds details on lips, nose and eyes.

It's compatible with all skin tints - default or modded.


Unzip and copy the folder(s) you want into your [...]Dragon Agepackagescoreoverride folder.


Just delete folders from your [...]Dragon Agepackagescoreoverride folder.


<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS2_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS3_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS5_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS7_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS7a_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS8_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS9_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS13_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS18_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaS20_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaleli_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilazaeed_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_aedan_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_rades_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vilaflmt_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_alistair_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_steel_0d"/>

<resource name="uh_hed_vkida_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vfema_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_velfa_0d"/>
<resource name="uh_hed_vmasa_0d"/>