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30+ new dalish elf tattoo vallaslin for toolset from inquisition mod

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This are Tropelicious's kurbits Inquisition vallaslin, now for Origins! I have converted all the V3, the V1.5 tattoos and some outdated ones from the mod. Plus a couple extras to fill space.
Remember these are mere ports, if you like them then go to the original mod page and show it some love/endorsement!

These won't be in the same place, as the Inquisition UV map is very different to the Origins one. Some will look a lot better on one gender vs another also.

The v3 and v1.5 one both have all the gods in the correct order as the original Origins tattoos, but the outdated ones in the Old folder don't.
The V3 is made from the newest files, so it is the best quality one overall.

Update: Now new 'Clean' Vallaslin available- more painterly versions of Inquisition tattoos.

Main File
Standalone tattoos
For toolset use only. You will have to make your character's head in the toolset or otherwise extract and edit the .mor with one of the face replacer utilities if you want these on a player character.

Optional Files
Replacer (v1.5, v3 and Clean options)
Replaces all Dalish Vallaslin tattoos in the game with these.
However, most morphs have the tattoo set at a certain lower opacity or paler tint, and these tattoos are so painterly they don't show up well with more transparent tints.  They might also have unexpected effects on characters who have two channels of the tattoo activated. So I can't promise they will look good without some judicious mor. editing.


How to Install
Unzip and place folder(s) into your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.

The replacer versions will conflict with any .dds files named the same.

To uninstall replacer, just delete the folder. If you're uninstalling the standalone, make sure you've removed it from any morphs before you delete it.


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