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Headmorphs for the Awakening companions (minus Oghren), plus Seranni and Utha, because Utha looked nothing like she's supposed to from The Calling.

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Remember when at the start of this week I said I'd stop being lazy and upload some of my headmorphs? Well, it's the end of the week but still this week, so I didn't actually fail...

The Awakening companions (minus Oghren, because he just uses the same face as he does in the base game,) all get a face lift while still retaining who they are.

Changes Summary:

Anders -
I gave my best shot at making Anders more resemble his appearance in DA:2, while still keeping some elements from his vanilla design here. The biggest changes were making his face more square-shaped, mostly by widening and softening up his jaw, and That Nose... I tried.

Justice - 
You can consider this a revision of my Justice for Justice mod, with new eye and skin textures. With this version I simply gave his veins a blueish glow; much more subtle.

Mhairi - 
I didn't really change a whole lot about her, I mean, it's not like she sticks around for very long. But I did fill her face out a bit and lessen her makeup. 

Nathaniel - 
Arl Howe is pretty caricature-like, LBR. I wanted Nathaniel to have a bit more family resemblance to him without going to that extreme. The biggest change is he now has a smaller chin and his fathers ears, (they look pretty darn cute IMO.)
Oh, and you're darn right I kept his vanilla purple lipstick.

Sigrun - 
Not much change for Sigrun, she is still a goth queen. Though I did make her cheeks and lips fuller, and her eyes a tad bigger (while retaining their vanilla shape.) 
Sigrun's tattoos were redrawn by hand and are now in higher quality.

Velanna - 
In game there are comments about Velanna's ears being big, so I actually made them big. I also made her face less gaunt and her vallaslin stronger, because the yellow colour doesn't show up the greatest on her skin, but I did not want to change any tint colours. She also now has some light freckles. <3
Velanna's vallaslin was redrawn by hand and is now in higher quality.

Seranni - 
For someone who's been corrupted by the taint, she sure didn't show much of it. Seranni is now much more ghoulsih. I also made her ears visible and gave her a little bit more of a resemblance to Velanna.
Seranni's vallaslin was redrawn by hand and is now in higher quality.

Utha - 
It always bothered me that in The Calling, Utha was described to loose her hair upon becoming a ghoul, thanks to the Architect's blight magic he used on her. And yet her vanilla appearance has her with a full head of hair? (Not to mention she was never a warrior either, but hey, maybe she became one over the years.) I also got rid of that horrid white makeup because WTF.


The only mod required is SJC's Skins for Velanna's freckles. All other files are included.


Place the unzipped file folder in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override


Justice's skin is modified from SammyJC's face texture, same as the original (included)
Velanna's freckles are from SammyJC's SJC Skins (not included)
Seranni uses a hair from tmp7704's Tucked Hair (included)


SJC's Vanilla Face Textures Replacements by SammyJC
SJC's Patchy Skin Fix by SammyJC
HD Eyebrow and Stubble presets by ViLiSSa66
LOTC s Default Eye Texture by marquiseondore
True Colours by me