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A collection of Scars for the Dragon Age in-game character creator.

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Welcome to Dr.DJ's Bandit emporium, the hairiest scariest motley collection of degenerates, ne'er do wells and hoodlums. Get your self right into the midst of things with more Scars & Tattoos than you can shake a stick at! and with fellas like these you're going to want a big stick! So step right up and have a peek!

Bandit Pack 1: Bandit Pack 1 is out! Three Scars and two Tattoos. NOW IN THE CHARACTER CREATOR!


Punishment Pack: You been a very bad boy, (or girl OH MY!), and needless to say you've ticked off the wrong people. So they expressed their feelings, ON YOUR FACE! Burns, neck slits, and face engraving! Right here in DR.DJ's Punishment Pack.

DR.DJ's Scar Pack 2: I've been away far too long, and to make up for it, I've returned with DOUBLE the scar updates. The Scar pack 2 holds some requested scars, and features some movie (and one familiar video game) classics! (I just hope they don't sue.)

Femme Fatales: Hey pretty girlies get scars too. A pack full of scars created for female faces.

Check the Gallery for some examples!

If you have other mods that use the chargenmorphcfg.xml, then download the second file as well.