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Changes Anders's skin tint from h01 to either h03, h04, h07, h08, or h09.

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UPDATE: Patched to add armor tint fix! If downloading for the first time, ignore this. :)
If you already installed this mod before May 15 2018, please replace your old version with the updated one if you want Anders's hands to not be mismatched with his face lol. (Just delete the old file from override, and place the new one in!)

UPDATE 2: Now with two more skin tints! :)

i'm biracial and anders getting his mutant name circle nickname from apparently being visibly half ander (y'know, the tropical desert nation whose indigenous people look like this)... yet having the lightest skin tint in the game... was giving me an aneurysm lol

What It Does: Changes Anders's skin tint from h01 to your choice of either h03, h04, h07, h08, or h09.

How to Install: Use the screenshots provided to decide which skin tint you would like to install. 
Download the corresponding file, then unzip it. Drag and drop the erf file into your override folder (usually at Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override). 
To uninstall, simply remove from override. :)

Troubleshooting: Unfortunately I'm unavailable to help personally due to bad anxiety, but try checking for any other mods that change Anders's face (hm_anders.mor), Anders's armor (rob_anda.mao & rob_ands.mao), or the human NPC skin tones, that might be conflicting. (For example, this mod isn't compatible with Ellise's Unique Face Textures.) Otherwise, you're best off asking elsewhere. Sorry...
ETA: Please note that I currently only made tint files for for Anders's vanilla armors (normal ( & black ( Renegade's Coat). Others' Anders armors, such as Automatic Romance Armor, will likely have mismatched hands.

Planned Updates: None for DA2; will add an Awakening version soon and link here.
ETA: Whoops! Forgot to match the skin tints with respective armor tint fixes. For the time being, the hands will still be h01, but I'll update with the proper fixes for Anders's armor ASAP.
ETA 2: Tint fix finally done! Apologies for the wait! (guess who has two thumbs and forgot... to pack the erf...) Unfortunately, the Awakening version may be a tad longer coming as well, but I hope to have it up soon!
ETA 3: Added a couple more skin tints (h08 and h09) because I'm a fool and for some reason thought the tints beyond h07 would be more Bioware Asian™ skin tints?? which this chart informed me wasn't the case. gee da2 how come bioware lets you have so many skin tints The darker skin tints look kind of shiny on the hands, so I may deshine Anders's vanilla armors as well in the future.

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Special Thanks
  • The DAO/2 Mod Squad, infinite of patience, creators of mods I'd die without, and without whom I would never be able to mod even something this pathetically tiny!
  • vaelsmod in particular for the awesome Creating a Custom Hawke Family tutorial, which taught me the ropes of editing mors. Thanks so much!!! :D
  • pikestaff and handraste for being absolute sweethearts and giving me the motivation to finish this mod haha! :D

: sure thing bud. use or redistribute any files as you please, no need to credit me/this mod in anything! (though you're always free to submit screenshots if you want! :>)