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Some hairstyles that I have made for adult and child

Permissions and credits
These are some assorted hairstyles. They all use vanilla textures and have LOD2, so you can put them on NPCs. I have also provided a chargenmorph file in case you want them on your main character.

Some hair, mostly updos for human females and some conversions of Tucked Hair for a different race. There is also a hairstyle similar to the mage concept poster hair from the launcher. As of v2.2, there is a full set of all the DA2 unique hair not included in tmp7704's Tucked Hair, including Varric's and Meredith's hair.

More Hair For Kids tweaks
Some edits made by request to Shanamah's More Hairs for Kids and Diversified Children.

All New Kid Hair
Some new child size versions of vanilla and Tucked Hair for children.

Install instructions

Unzip and put the folder in your Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override.

If you want the hair to show up in your character creation screen, download the chargenmorphcfg in the optional files as well.
If you have more than one Chargenmorphcfg.xml file in your override, run the chargenmorph merger, or use the chargenmorph generator.  You cannot have more than one chargenmorph in your override or some things won't show up.

If using More Hair For Kids edits, drag and drop to replace the files, or make sure it loads lower than the original mod alphabetically in your override.

Other hair mods by me
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