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A new custom Hi-poly head mesh replacer for Zevran and new outfit.

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This is a head mesh replacer for Zevran that replaces his head with a custom

one made with assets from DAI and sculpting in blender

Adds a new custom head mesh for Zevran made with inquistion assets and
sculpting in blender. As well as a new outfit.

Zevran will be wearing the outfit upon first meeting him. If you already have Zevran in your party you 
can use the script "runscript give_zev" to receive his outfit.

Mini disclaimer:
Since Zevran doesn't appear in DAI I had to come up with my own
idea of how he might look. I know some people are going to love it and
some will likely hate it. I'm fairly happy with his appearance
and I hope you enjoy it too. :) if not...
there are plenty of other amazing morphs available here on Nexus.

This is my first time ever porting an armor I learned a lot but there are
a few minor issues such as some transparent areas (like in the sleeves)
Along with some slight distortion on the arms.
I tried to fix it the best I could and its barely noticeable.
& yes before you ask I do plan to convert the outfit for all races in the near future.
But I want to take what I learned and improve it.


All hair modded and original
(though with clipping on some, and custom mesh has its owns scalp so the scalp on
other hairs (If you choose to change his) will float slightly above although not very noticeable and not at all on long hair.)

All clothing/armor modded and original.

Original and eye texture replacements.
(I use Alt default eyes if you want your Zevran to look the same as mine.)

All tints modded and original

Any file that changes Zevran's head mesh or appearance.
(Be sure to delete any file in your override called "em_genfl_zevran.mor" before installing
if you have previously installed a mod that changes Zevran's appearance)

Any outfit/armor that uses the variation ID 114.


Installation instructions:
Unzip with a program such as WinRar or 7Zip
Drag and drop folder into:
Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

To uninstall, delete folder.

You will almost certainly experience crashing if you have not already installed 

4GB patch


I dont like hair/eyes/skin color etc...
You can change everything but Zevran's facial features using Face replacer

Will you change "..."?
Sorry but no, I have a lot going on and lots of projects
if you really don't like the way Zevran looks 
I'm working on a mod that will allow you to make him however you want.

Will you make a version with Zevrans original hair?
Possibly if enough people request it.
But my plan it to remake his hair into a better quality version in the future.

Why is Zevran's tattoo different?
I had issues getting his tattoo to work with out strange distortions
so I shortened it a bit. I'll update with one close to the original
if/when I get it figured out.

Will you make an alternate da2 appearance?
Unfortunately no, a lot goes into making these
especially Zevran who I had to free hand sculpt in blender.
I don't like the way the elves look in da2 Don't come at me...
So I can't bring myself to put that much time and effort into something I won't like.
These are meant to be inquisition style anyways.

But looooooong hair zevran u_u
Yes I know I like Zevrans long hair too
I tried many different styles and many different edits
even went as far as to try to create my own
*what could of been*
I really wasn't happy with any of them so I may 
try to tackle this again in the future.

Future Updates:
maybe custom daggers?
Alternate outfit texture.

Recommended related mods:
Intrigues of and Antivan Crow
ZDF Dialog Fix

TMP7704 For hair mesh (I only fitted for the custom mesh and reduced the skull)
Bioware: For original meshes and textures.
CD Projekt Red: For meshes/texture of Zevran's outfit.