Dark Souls Remastered

About this mod

Simple color reshade, no fps loss.
Bright and Dark setting included.
Cas, ColorLab, FakeHDR, RadiantGI, Technicolor2, Vibrance
Color and lightning reshade made for 8 bit monitors without HDR.

Permissions and credits
Dilla's Dark Souls Remastered Remaster Reshade - bright and dark
Playing this game on a 60 hz monitor the game should be colorfull and probably no need for a color reshade !
This reshade is made for 144 hz monitors using standard monitor mode, where some games are grey and have no colors, maybe the icc monitor profile get ignored ?

Note about reshade download: Do not download the one with full addon support.
Download the one without full addon support because,
the one you can download with limited addon support but signed to be allowed in multiplayer games and the other is
one with full addon support and no depth buffer blockage for offline games, it will probably get you banned in online games.
Most basic color filters added and gamma increased.
Color and lightning reshade made for 8 bit monitors without HDR.

Cas, ColorLab, FakeHDR, RadiantGI, Technicolor2, Vibrance

There is one bright and one dark reshade file.

Install:  Insert the file into the game folder, start the game, in the reshade menu choose the new file bright or dark.
When installing Reshade into the game folder, click on unselect all and then select all shader.

Have fun ;)

Recommended reshade settings: Load only enabled effects in the settings menu and use performance mode.

Pos1: standard hotkey to enable the reshade menu ingame
Insert: toggle reshade on and off hotkey for comparing the difference
Print: for screenshots will be inside the game folder
Page up: reload the ini file
Page down: performance mode on and off
End: for choosing the next preset

Recommended mods:
Clean HUD - custom install
New Interface Icons - only deleted menu08dds and copied remaining files to clean hud mod
Subtle Bonfire Reset 
Overinformative Item Descriptions
Permanent Visual infusion effects
2k Estus Retexture
human like skin for hollows
DSR 2020 Textures - only objects npc and enemy
HD Summon Signs and Player Messages
Improved Status Icons
Using this reshade some red glowing areas look kinda bad so you need to install the Lava Eyesore Fix, and set a hotkey for turning it on and off.

*This reshade was created without a HDR monitor, so maybe this won't work on HDR monitors.

*Important note to everyone who get to feel a headache or eyes hurting, you should disable cas and use lower color values because these effects can create pixel corruption by oversharpening the picture. Using this reshade config it is fine for me but i had this in other games.
So be carefull when using sharpening and color effects, thank you.

*Feel free to change my reshade settings and upload your own reshade.

If you are a game developer: This is the kind of graphics what gamers realy want. Full colors, straight textures and clear sight ! Look at the screenshots or test the reshade file by yourself. When you create a new game think about putting some kind of colorcorrection into your new developed game for 8 bit monitors or add something like this in the settings menu for being able to toggle the colorcorrection on and off.

What is reshade exactly ?

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When you are done with Dark Souls Remastered just play some Sekiro, DS 2, DS 3 and Elden Ring they are the same games.

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