Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Added colourfulness, unsharp and cas.
Almost no fps / performance loss.
Color reshade made for 8 bit monitors without HDR.
If your game is grey and milkwhite, take a look at the screenshots please.

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Dilla's CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2 - CAS Two Time Pass Color Reshade
Added colourfulness, unsharp and cas.
Almost no fps / performance loss.
Color reshade made for 8 bit monitors without HDR.
If your game is grey and milkwhite, take a look at the screenshots please.
Playing this game on a 60 hz monitor the game should be colorfull and probably no need for a color reshade ! This reshade is made for 144 hz monitors using standard monitor mode, where some games are grey and have no colors, maybe the icc monitor profile get ignored ?
I've played the beta multiplayer with this reshade file, i've played almost one week with this file
in the official multiplayer game since launch and i am not banned !

But if they change their mind and start banning reshade users


Note about reshade download: Do not download the one with full addon support.
Download the one without full addon support because,
the one you can download with limited addon support but signed to be allowed in multiplayer games and the other is
one with full addon support and no depth buffer blockage for offline games, it will probably get you banned in online games.
First of all very important before using this experimental reshade - HEALTH DISCLAIMER:
The experiment failed kinda because double CAS has to much pixelcorruption and is heavy on the eyes because of the jagginess on all edges in the frame. The screenshots are very nice but for actually playing the game, im gonna recommend to disable CAS ingame for more performance and use only cas in the reshade !

First of all what is CAS two time pass ? When creating a video file inside a video editor program, before starting to render the final video file, there is one option, it is to render the video with one time pass or two time pass. Creating the video file with two time pass the video has better frame quality, the video looks better, sharper. So i've tried to recreate this effect in pc games using reshade CAS and the ingame CAS and i have to say in some games it realy works well. Doing this with any game goes like this, enable CAS in the ingame settings menu and then enable the 2nd CAS inside reshade.

Effects added in the reshade V1:
Cas: sharpening
Colourfulness: adds color, set value is 0.18 or use up to 0.40 color value depending on the map
Unsharp: better visibility, texture colors and vignette removal

Update V2: SMAA added for smoother edges and color decreased from 0.40 to 0.18 value. So now we have 2 x sharpening going on and 2 x antialiasing, once in the games graphic settings menu and once in the reshade menu. It sounds weird yes, but it's looking awesome.

Update V3: Everything removed and only colourfulness shader added. Change the color value to your preference. Depending on the map im using 0.40 or 0.18

Effects added in V4:
Cas: sharpening
Colourfulness: adds color, set value is 0.32 or use up to 0.40 color value depending on the map
Unsharp: better visibility, texture colors and vignette removal

*Re uploaded both files V1 and V4 with dither disabled. Disable dither if you downloaded this in the first few days here. Dither inserts an invisible screen to get better Gradient banding (grey tones) only visible with 7 or less backbuffer bits set. With 8 or 10 bit backbuffer set, the inserted dither screen is not visible but still exhausting to look at. Just disable dither (uncheck) when you see it is on.

Note: This reshade file is experimental. V1 and V2 are very good for screenshots but playing the game V1 and V3 is better. Double cas effect is kinda bad but it does something weird with the textures, it looks just amazing. Disable one of the two cas effects either ingame or in reshade, if you don't like it. Reminder all screenshots are done with 2 times cas effect !

Configuartion screenshots update: If you look at my settings screenshots, i've changed four things. I've disabled cas ingame (takes to much performance), enabled dynamic render resolution to aim towards 150 fps and disabled motion blur. Turned off nvidia reflex, explanation is written further down here. All other settings remain the same as seen on those config screenshots.

 Copy the 3 reshade files into the game folder \Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty HQ.
When installing Reshade into the game folder, click on unselect all and then select all shader.

V1 is ok but V4 is the best. V2 tried to reduce the jagginess but it is not very good at all and smaa in reshade will reduce the fps. V3 is only the color shader added and nothing else, very performance friendly. Test those 4 files what you enjoy the most. Im gonna recommend V4 !

Recommended reshade settings:

1st - Click on "Load only enabled effects" in the settings menu.

2nd - Don't use "performance mode". I'm always recommending to use perfomance mode, but in this game my aim feels off when it is on and i don't know why it is doing this, it's just a feeling im not sure about it. I am loosing mouse precision when perfomance mode is on, im clueless how this can happen. Test it for yourself, performance mode on and off and pay very much attention to your mouse movement and aim, if anything is changing at all. If you don't have this problem then im gonna recommend to use performance mode !

3rd - Hotkeys
Pos1: standard hotkey to enable the reshade menu ingame
Insert: toggle reshade on and off hotkey for comparing the difference
Print: for screenshots will be inside the game folder
Page up: reload the ini file
Page down: performance mode on and off
End: for choosing the next preset

Recommended graphic settings for screenshots: Max it out, also look at the screenshots for ultra settings, just clicking the overall tab isn't enough.
About CAS settings, there is cas in the game and cas in reshade, so use both as i did and yes there will be some pixel corruption,
but i did like the real look of some textures. Or 2nd option use only one of the cas ingame or the cas in reshade but disable the other, or disable both.
Again those screenshots were made with cas ingame settings 100% and cas in reshade 100% standard value.
Recommended graphic settings for gameplay: Textures settings on ultra and everything else on low and off. If you want more detail about it, there are new screenshots uploaded. They are the very last screenshots in the images tab.

Ingame settings: Reddit link open discussion about low latency Gameplay with those settings felt good, but my pc was getting very loud. Im using standard settings again and graphic settings for gamplay as written above. If your COD is crashing a lot, consider switching to uefi bios and disable the old legacy part.

Mouse settings: Ultra Low Latency - Starter Pack - Nvidia Reflex Edition for Razer Viper Mouse 8k hz [no more lag & stutter in 3d games] Gameplay with those settings felt good, but my cpu was always in high usage. Im using standard settings again and 500hz pollrate. 8k hz pollrate uses a lot of cpu, it is ok with a high end cpu.

Recommended mods: There are no other reshade files available right now, this should be the first file on here.

Have fun ;)

You Can Turn Off Sbmm In MWII By Changing These Settings - Youtube Video


*This reshade was created without a 10 bit HDR monitor, so maybe this won't work on HDR or OLED monitors.

*Important note to everyone who get to feel a headache or eyes hurting, you should disable cas and use lower color values because these effects can create pixel corruption by oversharpening the picture. Double cas is heavy on the eyes (jagginess) but if you use only one cas ingame or in reshade, it should be fine.
So be carefull when using sharpening and color effects, thank you.

*Feel free to change my reshade settings and upload your own reshade.

If you are a game developer: This is the kind of graphics what gamers realy want. Full colors, straight textures and clear sight ! Look at the screenshots or test the reshade file by yourself. When you create a new game think about putting some kind of colorcorrection into your new developed game for 8 bit monitors or add something like this in the settings menu for being able to toggle the colorcorrection on and off.

What is reshade exactly ?

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