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Savegame fully stacked and equipped with most of the best mage and warrior items.
Starting the game in Majula right before starting new game plus, just walk to the bonfire and
select new game plus. Real new game plus playthrough.

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The beautifull Moment before New Game Plus Savegame
Hello there are you looking for a new game plus experience ?
Here is the right place.
This savegame is exactly the moment before new game plus.
The hero is on level 422 and has strength 99, dexterity 99, has 10 million souls, all katanas and 2 chaosblades with bleed, sacred mace with poison.
The best bows, all arrows, almost all armor sets, almost all shields, the best boss weapons are on level 5 and best normal weapons on level 10 as well as armor sets. Some spells like flame weapon are missing.

Things you can do before going into new game plus at the majula bonfire.

1. You can go to the old lady at things betwixed, the bonfire at the 2nd area to change you stats, just talk to her and say yes.
So playing as a mage or warrior in new game plus is up to you, your choice. We have 7 soul vessels so we can change our stats 7 times. You will find more of them later.

2. The two chaosblade katanas and the sacred mace are infused with 2x bleed and 1x poison, but it is not optimal because of the damage scaling, so if you want more damage go to MC duff smithing guy and uninfuse the 3 weapons, because in new game plus you can't go there right away for uninfusing the weapons. Note don't uninfuse the mage wands, it is good there.

3. If you want more souls, go to the giant lord on level 99+ in Memory of Jeigh, pick up the bonfire astetic on the left side and kill the giant lord with a bow and arrows standing on the little area up there, go back to the bonfire burn another bonfire astetic and repeat. Use a few poison arrows and then another sort of arrows for more damage.
To get half a million souls per boss kill you will need to equip the covetous silver serpent ring +2, nahr alma hood, nahr alma armor, jesters gloves and the tseldora trousers.

4. Farming items with higher droprate equipment looks like this. First doublecheck if you are using the covetous gold serpent ring +2, prisoner tatters (use the upgraded one), symbol of avarice, dragon parma shield and maybe a rusted coin. Killing the same enemys over and over will lower the droprate after a while, so go to another place and kill maybe 20 enemys and go back to the farming place.

5. Fighting equipment setup you can choose those or whatever you want.
Weapons: 2x chaosblade best uninfused, smelter hammer 70 strength requirement, bow of want with poison arrows 1st and other arrows 2nd and there are more arrows in the box using a bonfire. The wand is for buffing the weapon with dark or other damage.

6. Armor: drakeblood set

7. Rings: ring of blades +2, chloranthy ring +2, third dragon ring and ring of soul protection. If you choose to install my recommended mods then using this ring will save your souls and humanity while dieing. Without my recommended mods this ring will work only one time. Note: sometimes the ring of soulprotection will make you loose your humanity while dieing but never loose any souls. So if you can't summon a helping ghost, take a look if you need to use one humanity from the inventory.

Things you can't do in this save game before starting new game plus:
All bosses are gone but you can use a bonfire astetic.

This was a real playthrough and here are the mods im using:
Recommended mods:
bloodborne lockon reticle
ds3 items textures port
Deadzone Fix sotfs - deadzone set to 30
Tabby Shalquoir HD the cat
A - Always Human and No HP Reduction on Death - install 1st then install recover souls, glowing effects from ring items don't work anymore using this mod but using consumables, these visual effects are still working
Recover Souls - Alway Human and No Visual effect variant A Compatible
SOTFS HD Player Messages
SOTFS HD Summon Signs
ruinas sombrias igp11 - shaded wood textures, delete all files but keep the green textures
Crappy Foliage Mod

Recommended graphic settings: max, all on but disable depth of field.

Have fun ;)

INSTALL: You can search for this on the net "installing a darksouls 2 savegame".

If you are a game developer: This (all reshade files below) is the kind of graphics what gamers realy want. Full colors, straight textures and clear sight ! Look at the screenshots or test the reshade file by yourself. When you create a new game think about putting some kind of colorcorrection into your new developed game for 8 bit monitors or add something like this in the settings menu for being able to toggle the colorcorrection on and off.

What is reshade exactly ?

Check out my other mods here on nexus:

When you are done with Dark Souls 2 just play some Sekiro, Elden Ring, Dark Souls 1 remastered, and DS 3 they are the same games.

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