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Simple tweaks of in-game vanilla LUT to make colors to appear deeper, and less eye blinding. No ReShade needed!
(also includes pure untouched vanilla LUT with less green tint)

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Simple tweaks of in-game vanilla LUT to make colors to appear deeper, and less eye blinding lights.

The original vanilla LUT has less color range which always makes bright colored lights to go white, or how during midday it looks desaturated and almost full white looking roads, even much more noticeable if your bloom is disabled, this mod expands the color range of the LUT instead of going full white after particular color range is reached.

This mod doesn't use ReShade, it uses .archive format, and only replaces "cp2077_gen_lut_nge_v017.xbm", and is compatible with any lightning/weather mods (as long as their .env loads up that particular file "cp2077_gen_lut_nge_v017")

If it looks a bit dim or too dim, you might have ingame gamma configured to certain values, if so please set ingame gamma to default value

installation: "\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod"

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-CDPR for Cyberpunk 2077
-WolvenKit team for WolvenKit

-Alcarda for the LUT editing guide ( ) < dead link here's backup txt of whole message: