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Adds extra customization to eyes in the character creator; unlock glow, change the pupil to various shapes or use extra available color options. This mod also encompasses some experimentation, including custom eye designs. Template + guide for creating custom eye presets included!

Permissions and credits

...that's where beauty is in, right? ✨

See list of compatible mods below. Also now included a template + beginner-friendly guide for creating custom eye presets!


What is this mod?

To explain briefly, the eye colors in Character Customization have limited versatility. Meaning the eyecolor options can currently only edit exactly this; the eyecolor (and some misc parameters). Yet, the same red eye color looks different on a Human than it does on a Tiefling - because of the difference in eye textures used. Meaning if you give a Human said Tiefling eye textures, for example; they can glow!

Essentially what I've done is created a masterfile that replaces the eye material on all the heads, but only within CC (currently only for players, not guardians) - so this won't affect any NPCs. Because of this all you have to do after is simply install and load any chosen eye preset, and all the heads in CC will now be using this one - and these are easily swappable too. To be clear; this replaces ALL the eyes, it is literally impossible to make picking and choosing available to end-users.


How to use

Main file
Install this one first - if your heads in CC show up with fully black/white scleras, then it's working and you're ready to install an eye preset! Always keep it loaded before any of the eye presets.
If used in tandem with compatible custom head/race mods, load those before this mod. This mod functions as a replacer - but uninstalling it will revert the eyes back to vanilla.

Eye Presets

Note: Only install one of these files at a time, as they overwrite each other. You can switch them out at anytime.

Glow is seen only in Elf, Demonic and Flame eye colors
+ my additional ones (and any mods that add custom eyecolors with glow). Pupil changes show in all eye colors. Currently available eye presets:

Regular pupils (glow)

Cat eyes
Cat eyes (glow)

Gith eyes
Gith eyes (glow)

Iris-less eyes
Iris-less eyes (glow)
Pupil-less eyes (glow)

Abberant eyes (with limited color options)
Abberant Alt eyes

Starry eyes (with limited color options)

Blind eyes

Goat eyes
Goat eyes (glow)
Full Goat eyes (glow)

Pinpoint eyes
Pinpoint eyes (glow)

Dragonborn eyes (glow)

See screenshots in gallery for examples.
Check video tab for preview of ones with animations!

Interested in creating your own? Check out TemplateEyes - an eye preset template .zip + beginner-friendly guide! Involves editing code and/or textures, but I've done my best to make it as accessible as possible to even those that have no modding experience yet.

Other Eye Preset mods compatible with Eyes of The Beholder:
Suan Eyes Preset
Mangekyou Sharingan (And Rinnegan) Eye
Neon's Assorted Eye Presets
Poesielibre's fancy eyes

Extra Eye Colors
Optional, can be used alongside all other files or on its own.

Currently has 19 
white sclera options (converted tiefling eye colors), 10 colored sclera options (works best with glow eye presets), 10 blind eye options (works with heterochromia) and 8 bright flame eye options (both white and black sclera - works best with glow eye presets). See screenshots in gallery.

Note: I don't take eyecolor requests for the ExtraEyeColors mod. I highly suggest checking out Padme's amazing P4 Custom Eye Colours - it includes a sample template that will allow you to create your own.

Ersatz Eye Removal

Optional. Removes the visual of the Ersatz eye but retains the passive, so it just doesn't overwrite the eye presets anymore. Loose mod, so do not try to install with a mod manager. See instructions below for installation and/or removal.



The mod is generally always compatible with custom head mods that replace existing vanilla heads via loose files - but any .pak mods require me to manually add compatibility to the main file. Below is the list of mods mine is already compatible with, please check the sticky note in the Posts tab for a list of ones that will be added in a future update - feel free to request any that aren't present on either lists. 

Customizer's Compedium (v1)
New Character Creation Presets WIP (v1.6)
M Half Elf Head E for Other Races
Loulette heads (v1.6)
Ellian's and Everyn's face (v1.5)
Faces of Faerun (1.4.1)
Alt Shadowheart Head Presets
Vemperen's Other Heads (All Repaired) (v1.45)
New head (v1.2.1)
Weeviljester's Ethereal Heads (v1.15)

Jerinski's Heads for the Short Lads (v1.04)
Strong Female Heads (v1.3)
Gufery Heads (v1.34)
Masc Elf Head 6 for Tieflings (v1.2)
Some Heads For Bodytype 2 (also strong heads) (v0.2)
Solar - Body 2 Male Head Preset (v1.0.2)
Lazy's Head and Hair (v1.3)
Yogurt Heads (v2.3)
Faces from the Feywild (v1)
HGY Heads (v1.0.0.4)
Themia's Sister Preset (v1.36)
Addy's Head Presets (v1.3)
Weeviljester's Transient Heads (v1.0.1)
Those of the Planescape (v2.0.0.0)
Labo's Misc Faces (v1)
Frosty Faces (More Heads) (v1.3)
Mystra (v1.2)

Wine and Revelry (Playable Satyr Mod) (v2.9)
Shadar-Kai (v2.3)
Astralities' Tiefling Compendium
Covenelf's Witch Elf subrace (v1.1.1)
Solar Player Race (v1.1.0)
Whispers of the Divine - Aasimar Race (v3.2.0.0)
Transient Guests Are We - Playable Dhampir (v1.1.2)
Flutter and Whimsy (Fairy Race) (v1.2)

Also please remind me if one of them gets updated and new heads are added! Please be aware that heads added to custom races via CC patches won't automatically have compatibility with EotB, so these need to be added too.

Some modders may add their own compatibility with EotB (said authors have blanket permission, but I appreciate being informed about it regardless!).

This mod isn't compatible with any other mods that alter the CharacterVisuals player files.



The load order using this mod (and head/race mods that have compatibility) should generally be like this:

 Head/Race mods > Main EotB/EotB patches > Eye Preset

See Images tab for extra clarification. I recommend you ALWAYS load the EotB (+ UT mods) last!!

Ersatz Eye Removal:
Drop the Public folder into [YourDrive]\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\Data.
Uninstall by deleting these files again.


Some issues/bugs

There's some bugs happening with the Flame eye colors in CC, this is an issue on Larian's side - they might cause your eyes to look differently than expected when selected (especially an issue when using heterochromia), it can persist even if you pick a color from a different set.

Switching to a non-Flame color and then switching back and forth from a different head usually resolves this!

If this happens with the blind eye colors from ExtraEyeColors while heterochromia is active, turn heterochromia on/off to reset them to their original look.


If you run into issues trying to install any of the mods - and you're using Vortex - I STRONGLY recommend you switch over to BG3 Mod Manager. Vortex at this point seems to be becoming notorious for bugging out when installing various BG3 mods, and at this point I have to make it a requirement because I cannot help you if you run into issues using Vortex, that is completely out of my hands.


I hope you enjoy!
Join us folks over at DBTR <3