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An Expansion to both Legacy of the Dragonborn and the Knights of the nine, adding items and unmarked quests

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The Lost Legacy of the Nine
A Legacy of the Dragonborn Expansion

'When unfeathered fell, the diamond prospered.
When White Ruby was seized, the diamond fled.
The Nine who guide us, has ed us to the land of the mythic dragon.
For by their will this chapel will be blessed by Akatosh.
For the dragon who had protected the ruby in times of old.
So shall the land of dragons protect the ruby yet again.
The diamond will endure but will change
The diamond, now his sigil, is the sign of Akatosh.
Our wishes? To find and restore,
Or to bless and create'

Have any of you wondered why the crusaders relics are just there in skyrim? Sure you could believe Aryeun that they are gravitating towards the lands due to the impending crisis but why wouldn't they still be within the reaches of the order's remains as per the skeleton to the north? Even if they decided to scatter the pieces to the wind why wouldn't pieces have been claimed by the Thalmor as symbol of the very thing they wish to destroy.

That is, unless, the Thalmor were forced to worry about something else... Like, the remains of the order attempting to escape out of there sphere of influence forcig them to divert far more resources to find them and stop them then to find the crusader relics


Personally a fellow Legacy Dev member and I had a discussion about a more immersive Knights of the Nine feeling that given how powerful and culturally iconic the crusaders relics are, the Thalmor would've dedicated a moderate amount of resources to find these relics and atempt to destroy them regardless of their cultural revelance as they are now influenced by Talos. So unless they were forced to divert those resources to deal with a greater threat the Thalmor would've found the Sword chest and more than likely the Ring of the Nine, and by that extension would've found and destroyed all of their relics.

So, the only way that has been shown to actually stop the Thalmor is to proverbally kick the hornets nest and force them to follow and attack. Besides, if the knights were as large and well loved as they were said to be in 'Lost wonders' says then they wouldve branched out far and wide within the empire and the provinces. So a chapel or minor outpost of the nine would've been more than possible within Skyrim. So, that's why i used the Priory mod created by ClefJ to have a base of regional operations, Yes its small but I believe that the faith in the Nine would be paramount and as such really wouldn't build grand castles/bases/cathedrals (They possibly helped rebuild the cathedral of Akatosh in Kavatch but that i wold think would be the fathest they go)

Not only that I feel that once the divine crusader fell/went daedric/what have you it was passed down under tests of worth and when those tests of worth failed or couldnt be properly passed, the order went to protecting the relics and after several generations of not being worthy and them sensing the encroaching wars, decided to try and craft another holy set of armor, a symbol to rally the nine around. Yet again

They coulnt finish as the Thalmor found out that the priory was protecting Talos worshipers,causing them to flee...

What this mod does

Adds an unmarked quest to finish the armor as well as an official start for Legacy's Crusaders relics quest besides adding in a more lore friendly story of the 4th era Knights of the Nine. 
IS SCRIPT FREE and as such should allow it be be mergable, but does still have a lot of work to be done

Given that the hill the priory is on is a popular one there will be conflicts and as such these mods wont play correctly or will have issues. They may work to various degrees but use at own discression

-Corner of Skyrim
-Grandfathers Cabin
-Duulheim Cottage

Resources Used

Several KotN Armor sets ranging from sets inherent in Legacy of the Dragonborn, as well as sets from Matys Knights of the Nine mod
Armor meshes from Nesuran's Reshaped Ebony Armor mod (V1.0 and V1.4)
Texture sets from Whoatetheramen (Original) and Ghostrecon (for the female armor set) Should one want a cloth version they are available upon request
Knights of the Nine upright banner from Grayfox77