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This is an armor replacer for Maty743's "Knights of Nine" mod, to create an armor more in line with the all-white depiction seen in the "Pelinal Opera" video on YouTube.

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"[And then] Kyne granted Perrif another symbol, a diamond soaked red with the blood of elves, [whose] facets could [un-sector and form] into a man whose every angle could cut her jailers and a name: PELIN-EL [which is] "The Star-Made Knight" [and he] was arrayed in armor [from the future time]. And he walked into the jungles of Cyrod already killing, Morihaus stamping at his side froth-bloody and bellowing from excitement because the Pelinal was come..."

-The Song of Pelinal, Vol. 2

He was called Pelinal Whitestrake, a scourge upon Elvenkind.  He led the Allessian slave revolt with a savage hand, and brought ruin upon their elven overlords.  He was gifted Eight powerful artifacts, gifts from the Divines who had taken pity on the plight of Man.  It was said that this armor came from a future time, and was unlike anything known in Tamriel.  Protected by this shining raiment, Pelinal wiped the Ayleids from Tamriel and paved the way for the Empires of Man...

I came across this ridiculous but awesome video recently:
In it, it depicts Pelinal Whitestrake as a futuristic murder-bot, complete with a Mega Man arm blaster (see my other mod, The Doom Drum.)  After digging into the lore a bit, I found that this isn't that far from the truth, and there are many lines implying that the armor and Pelinal himself may in fact be from the future.  Inspired by this I decided to create a re-envisioning of the Divine Crusader armor more in line with the all-white version shown in the video.  I aimed for a sort of white-enameled look, almost like a Stormtrooper; something unique enough to look "futuristic" without being too far from the original.

This will replace all of the standard "heavy" pieces of the Divine Crusader armor added by Knights of the Nine.  The other pieces and weapons should be unaffected.  This also includes replacers for my The Doom Drum mod to make the arm gun match the new armor (that will require that mod.)  If you only want the armor, you don't need to download the gun.

-This is a mesh replacer ONLY, so it will not affect the original Knights of the Nine mod in any way.

-The cuirass only really comes in one size, so it won't really adjust when you use the weight slider, but it's bulky enough that it shouldn't cause issues with hands and feet.

-I would like to do a replacer for the light, black, and mage versions as well.
-I would like to do an SSE version that replaces the armor available from the Creation Club.
-I might to a simple retexture of the weapons created by InsanitySorrow.
-I also might do new versions of the weapons to look more ridiculous (like the MASSIVE mace he has in the video.)

The Doom Drum - Araanim -
Knights of the Nine - Maty743 -
Knights of the Nine Battlemage - Solartails -
Lore Weapon Expansion - InsanitySorrow -
Pelinal Follower - xtwentythree

Gothic Plate Armor - Shocker -
Cloaks and Capes - volvaga0 -
B-D-Y-E-B Shield Mod - TheMalfazar -
ComfyKnight - Azraille -
The Breton Paladin - FrankFamily -
God of War Armor - cw97 -
Amulet of Kings - LastOracleofDawn
Ashara Imperial Outfit - SydneyB
Daren Armor - KouLeifoh & SumireHaikuXNA
Lore Weapon Expansion - InsanitySorrow -
Real Bows - DecimusMaximus -
Graceful Templar Sword - Newermind43 -

Maty743's original KOTN mod is required!

Awesome cover art by Ognevka Fenella -

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