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Updated: 20/09/2014 - 07:31PM

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Version 1.4 is now available. This may be a small update, but it addresses some huge issues. This version doesn't add a whole lot of new treasures to find. I mostly spent my time and efforts fixing the numerous CTD issues. I hope everything works well for everybody. If you find any more bugs please pm me with details. Thanks.

- Added the following 6 collectibles

* Sabre Cat Figurine
* Sexy Beast Alcohol
* Oblivion Girl Alcohol
* Oblivion Dagger
* Guan Dao Pole Arm Weapon
* Executioner Great Axe

- Fixed Chillfurrow Farm CTD
- Fixed Bronze Dragon Figurine CTD
- Fixed Bear Figurine CTD
- Fixed Clavicusvile Figurine CTD
- Fixed Falmer Statue Figurine CTD
- Fixed Crystal Ball CTD
- Fixed Ichigo Sword CTD
- Fixed wrong texture paths on the Worldstone
- Fixed wrong script attached to a Unique Alcohol
- Fixed wrong texture paths for the Wabbajack Wand
- Fixed spelling error in Bloody Skull
- Cleaned with TESVEdit

More updates are in the works which include, more treasures, a UNIQUE player home to display the Unique Treasures, and a fix for Unique weapons displayed in weapon racks.

- added the following 20 new collectibles & Weapons

* 20 string Harp Guitar
* Psaltry Instrument
* Recorder Flute Instrument
* Cornamuse Instrument
* Upright Harp Instrument
* Panflute Instrument
* Wabbajack Wand
* Mammoth Fire Staff
* Crystal Ball
* Ship in a Bottle
* Sailing ship in a Bottle
* Worldstone
* Falmer Figurine
* clavicus Vile Figurine
* Nocturnal Figurine
* Bear Figurine
* Bronze Dragon Figurine
* Frost Dragon Figurine
* Swamp Dragon figurine
* Executioner One Handed Waraxe

- Set all golden treasure chests to player owned
- Set Enchanted weapons to be fully charged on pickup
- Removed Dragon damage on Galaxy sword and replaced with Lightning damage
- Added a unique Ruby Troll skull treasure
- Added a unique Hookah Pipe treasure
- Added 10 Unique Wine Glasses(all made from precious stones)
- Added 5 Unique Crystal Human Skull collectibles(all made from precious stones)
- Added a Unique Ice Skull collectible(No,it won't melt)

- Adjusted all weapon attack Values to be more balanced
- Added the ability to sharpen the unique weapons at a grindstone
- Adjusted weapon prices(lowered them significantly in most cases)
- Added Blood Effects and Blood lighting to all weapons
- Fixed texture on Galaxy Sword(shows up fine now)
- Added new unique treasure, a golden apple(it's edible)
- Added new unique treasure, a Blood Soul Gem(not useable, it's a collectible)
- Adjusted all prices of unique treasures(lowered them significantly in most cases)
- Removed Collector Plates from the Lore friendly version(they are still available in the Non-Lore friendly version)