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V2.0 by Icecreamassassin is available! this new package offers a number of awesome new features and is the first in a small series of updates that this mod will receive. ICA and his team intend on optimizing many of the original models and textures as well as adding new models and rebuilding some that have needed a little love. The bug report system tab has been opened for SUT so if there is anything missing from the V2.0 package, you can let us know about it (I have a tendency to forget to pack some things lol).


In order to update from V1.4 it is highly recommended that you use the Skyrim Save Game Script Cleaning utility and delete all script instances and base scripts starting with aaa in their name. Also look for any script that starts with SUT and the 2 aGennie scripts. All of these should be removed as they are no longer needed and are not utilized in V2.0 If you need step by step help, see the article tab for detailed instructions.

Also you must delete the unique treasures mesh and textures folders as they are no longer needed and will interfere with v2.0

-Single mod file, no separate plugins for lore/non-lore, instead it's configurable in game.
-Configuration menu that launches when the mod loads for the first time which gives you three setup options:
1- Full version. All items including all non-lore friendly items are enabled. All items other than those owned by stores
can be picked up without theft.
2- Lore friendly version. All non-lore items are disabled. Items
like the stuffed ninja dolls, alien console, elder scrolls
collector plates, etc are not attainable in game.
3- Immersive version. Lore friendly items only with ownership
toggled to the owner of the cell they are found in (if in a private
cell such as a home) which will require you to steal some items.
Also disables the pop up notices that you found a unique item.
-12 new Jade statues by Icecreamassassin
-5 new creature statues by Icecreamassassin
-Cross compatibility integrated with Legacy of the Dragonborn so if you play
with Legacy and SUT, you won't end up with duplicate
items which Legacy already provides. No patch required.
-Redone textures on gold plates and bowls, and retextured gold jugs and pots as hammered copper instead for variety
-New weathered bronze look for the SUT chests. They still stand out as unique but are more immersive.
-Random loot and varried gold found in SUT chests along with more unique treasure items
-Better hidden chests. The SUT chests are now tucked a bit more away but can be
found right in the same general areas as before.
-Some SUT chests are burried and require a shovel or pick axe to dig up(with dragonborn
support for ancient nordic pickaxe included as well, no DLC required
however). This makes it more interesting, harder to find and makes more
sense when the chest is right behind someone's house or is right outside
a cave entrance. Some are still in plain sight but are much better
-All functions run off 3 scripts rather than every item being scripted. The difference is negligible from a player perspective but it
reduce overall script property load by quite a lot and makes it easier to manage in the future.
-Removed pairs of certain weapons because though they would be good used as a
pair, it's odd to have two of something that says it's unique.
-Added several previously non-implemented items such as the S.H.A.R.K weapon,
Sai, 4 additional pots/jugs and the miniature cannon.
- Reworked and remade weapon models based on Clintmich's original designs (by Kettlewitch, RonnieMagnum and Icecreamassassin)
- Re UV-mapped and retextured the wine glass collection

- Added the following 6 collectibles

* Sabre Cat Figurine
* Sexy Beast Alcohol
* Oblivion Girl Alcohol
* Oblivion Dagger
* Guan Dao Pole Arm Weapon
* Executioner Great Axe

- Fixed Chillfurrow Farm CTD
- Fixed Bronze Dragon Figurine CTD
- Fixed Bear Figurine CTD
- Fixed Clavicusvile Figurine CTD
- Fixed Falmer Statue Figurine CTD
- Fixed Crystal Ball CTD
- Fixed Ichigo Sword CTD
- Fixed wrong texture paths on the Worldstone
- Fixed wrong script attached to a Unique Alcohol
- Fixed wrong texture paths for the Wabbajack Wand
- Fixed spelling error in Bloody Skull
- Cleaned with TESVEdit

More updates are in the works which include, more treasures, a UNIQUE player home to display the Unique Treasures, and a fix for Unique weapons displayed in weapon racks.

- added the following 20 new collectibles & Weapons

* 20 string Harp Guitar
* Psaltry Instrument
* Recorder Flute Instrument
* Cornamuse Instrument
* Upright Harp Instrument
* Panflute Instrument
* Wabbajack Wand
* Mammoth Fire Staff
* Crystal Ball
* Ship in a Bottle
* Sailing ship in a Bottle
* Worldstone
* Falmer Figurine
* clavicus Vile Figurine
* Nocturnal Figurine
* Bear Figurine
* Bronze Dragon Figurine
* Frost Dragon Figurine
* Swamp Dragon figurine
* Executioner One Handed Waraxe

- Set all golden treasure chests to player owned
- Set Enchanted weapons to be fully charged on pickup
- Removed Dragon damage on Galaxy sword and replaced with Lightning damage
- Added a unique Ruby Troll skull treasure
- Added a unique Hookah Pipe treasure
- Added 10 Unique Wine Glasses(all made from precious stones)
- Added 5 Unique Crystal Human Skull collectibles(all made from precious stones)
- Added a Unique Ice Skull collectible(No,it won't melt)

- Adjusted all weapon attack Values to be more balanced
- Added the ability to sharpen the unique weapons at a grindstone
- Adjusted weapon prices(lowered them significantly in most cases)
- Added Blood Effects and Blood lighting to all weapons
- Fixed texture on Galaxy Sword(shows up fine now)
- Added new unique treasure, a golden apple(it's edible)
- Added new unique treasure, a Blood Soul Gem(not useable, it's a collectible)
- Adjusted all prices of unique treasures(lowered them significantly in most cases)
- Removed Collector Plates from the Lore friendly version(they are still available in the Non-Lore friendly version)