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Author Mandragorasprouts - Port by Xtudo

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Replaces Falmer with amazing new models and textures made by Mandragorasprouts. Patches for several mods too. 4K-2K. No ESP.

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Mod by Mandragorasprouts, LE port by Xtudo

An amazing lore-friendly replacer of the corrupted descendants of the ancient Snow Elves, the Falmer.
  • 4K, 2K  and MY VERSION files available.
  • My version: This is the one I use in my own game, 4K diffuse textures, and 2K normal maps.
  • DLC Falmers included in v1.1.
  • No ESP. It's fine to install/uninstall it at any time.

Optional Skyrim Immersive Creatures (SIC) patch
  • 10 new textures, 4K, 2K and 1K versions included in the same file.
  • 39 meshes edited, including armor parts.
  • ESP plugin required for the new textures, can be easily merged.

Optional Less Prude Falmer Warmonger patch
  • 5 meshes edited.

Optional Lore Friendly Armored Falmers patch
  • 35 meshes edited.

Optional Legacy of the Dragonborn (LotD) patch
  • 1 male Falmer updated, 4K and 2K versions available.
  • Fixed alpha channel of the Falmer Heavy Armor texture.

Any suggestions? Just let me know.

SE-AE version here.

I did the port for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.
This one was difficult... it took me several hours and the use of several programs until I finally managed to port it.
So, don't forget to endorse and share your screens. :)

Especial thanks

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