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Hunterborn changes the simple routine of kill-and-loot on animals into something more immersive. This mod has its origins in Realistic Wildlife Loot, but I wanted something more in-depth for the actual process of dressing down a kill, skinning it for its pelt, taking material from it for alchemy, and finally butchering its meat - based on the animal's weight, not just a single cut of venison.

Hunterborn is more than just a "realistic meat weight" mod, though. It is highly configurable (thanks to the awesomeness of the MCM), and is particularly suited to work with Frostfall and Realistic Needs & Diseases, for a primitive survival style of gameplay.

The most significant change Hunterborn makes to the game is taking away the loot window from most wildlife. Instead, you must first choose whether to dress it (clean the carcass and prepare it for processing) where it lies, or pick up the carcass and take it back to your camp / lair / nearest vendor.

When you drop the "carcass" from your inventory, the original animal's body will appear at your feet, where again you have the choice to dress it, or pick it back up. After dressing a carcass, you're able to skin it, harvest it for ingredients like antlers, eyes, teeth, even hearts, and also butcher it for meat.

And a plethora of other features for hunter-style play: Hunting knives that can give bonuses to skinning and harvesting; 47 new alchemy ingredients that you can harvest from animals (and monsters), some with unique effects; new meat types and cooking recipes for Skyrim's wildlife; Scrimshaw crafting for animal bones; storage-where-you-need-it in the form of hunter's caches; and even foraging with location-specific results. A detailed readme and an additional spoilers readme are included.

Starting with Hunterborn 1.4, the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC are required. You can still download 1.3.1 and it won't require any DLC, though it will be missing many of 1.4's features. SKSE and the (SkyUI) MCM are required in all versions.

Hunterborn's NMM installer will prompt you for any extra patches you want to include: RND, Frostfall, Requiem, Wearable Lantern, and Lanterns and Candles. If you have Hearthfire, Hunterborn will detect it and automatically provide goat horns and mudcrab legs, no patch needed. If you have SkyRe, Hunterborn will detect it and give you an alternative to the Gatherer perk.

And what about conflicts? Hunterborn doesn't change any leveled lists or NPC's, so it needs no bashed patch / merging. However, because Hunterborn does change *how* you loot animals and *what* loot they have, it is functionally incompatible with other mods that change animal loot; see the MCM options section for suggestions on combining Hunterborn with such mods as SkyTEST, Immersive Creatures, Harvest Overhaul, and the like.

This is a major release with many new features. A detailed list is at the bottom of the Tips and Spoilers doc if you're interested. Here's a summary: Bristlebacks, and foraging on Solstheim; primitive cooking; more Strange Brew recipes, including your very own pet rabbit / fox; a patch for mentilreq's Lanterns and Candles to make candles craftable from tallow (from animal fat); a patch for Chesko's Wearable Lantern to make lantern oil craftable from animal fat; 23 new cooking recipes; and many bugfixes!