Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade with Dawnguard and Dragonborn support by kryptopyr
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Added: 30/03/2013 - 03:35PM
Updated: 20/03/2015 - 04:50PM

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Last updated at 16:50, 20 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 15:35, 30 Mar 2013

This mod fixes bugs and incorrect settings for Skyrim's weapons and armors, as well as changing values, keywords, and other properties to achieve greater consistency between the different weapons and armors.

  • Corrects many of the bugs found in the vanilla weapon and armor records
  • Improves consistency and balance between different items
  • Weapons and armor will scale in a predictable and consistent manner
  • Perks that didn't apply consistently to all items in the game have been fixed
  • Certain items have been renamed for easier sorting or to better fit the in-game appearance of that item
  • Changes the crafting categories to help organize and declutter the crafting menus
  • Includes options for faster arrows and bolts and material-based corrections for dragon priest masks

The official 1.9 update or higher is required.
The Unofficial Skyrim Patch is strongly recommended.

This mod was created to compliment USKP. I have not included any changes already made by USKP except when it was necessary due to further edits that this mod makes to the items. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use USKP with this mod. This mod is intended as an update and replacement for the original Weapons and Armor Fixes by Headbomb and should not be used together with that mod.

Simply download the all-in-one installer and follower the installation options. The mod can be safely uninstalled at any time. This mod should be placed near the top of your load order but after the Unofficial Patches.

Recommended load order:
- Unofficial Patches
- Weapons & Armor Fixes Remade
- Clothing & Clutter Fixes
- Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
- Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade
- Weapons & Armor_TrueWeaponsLvlLists.esp (this should be at the very bottom of your load order)

If using any of the optional patches, load the patch last, after both Weapons & Armor Fixes and the other mod that is being patched.

If using any of the optional "True Weapons" files, load them just after the main WAF file.  The True Weapon versions also include an additional file called Weapons & Armor_TrueWeaponsLvlLists.esp.  This file should be placed at the very end of your load order.  It contains a copy of the leveled list edits from WAF and is basically a "helper" file for creating a Bashed Patch.  The reason for this is that the Bashed Patch doesn't do a great job at combining the type of edits that the True Weapons files make to the leveled lists.  Often, if you have another mod that edits the same leveled list, the Bashed Patch will end up reverting the leveled list changes from WAF's True Weapons.  By loading this helper file last, it will make help ensure your Bashed Patch contains the correct edits.  However, the good news is that when you build your Bashed Patch, Wrye Bash will merge this file into the Bashed Patch, meaning that it won't actually take up an additional plugin slot. After creating your Bashed Patch, you can disable this plugin, but leave the disabled file in your load order.

This mod makes edits to a lot of the vanilla weapon and armor records.  Other mods that change the vanilla weapons or armors may conflict with this mod.  The easiest solution is simply to load those other mods after WAF and allow their changes to overwrite the changes made by WAF.  You may lose some of the bug fixes made by WAF, but in most cases this will amount only to some slight inconsistencies in an item's price, sounds, or crafting category.  A better, but more time-consuming, solution is to open up both mods in TES5Edit and carry forward any fixes and keywords from WAF into the mod overwriting it.  

This mod also edits a number of the leveled lists, particularly in the versions that include the "True Weapons" edits.  If you are using other mods that edit leveled lists, then you will need to create a Bashed Patch to merge the changes to leveled lists.  Please also read the information above, under "Installation," concerning the Weapons & Armor_TrueWeaponsLvlLists file.

Finally, WAF also edits the Default Object Manager and several of the perks related to weapon damage.  Very few mods edit the Default Object Manager, but those that do may need to have WAF changes carried forward if the changes conflict.  Immersive Weapons changes the DOM record as well and a compatibility patch for that mod has been provided in the installer.  If using perk mods, you can simply install them after WAF and allow them to overwrite any changes that WAF makes to the perks, presumably those mods should include their own bug fixes for these perks.

For compatibility with Guard Dialogue Overhaul, make sure that GDO is loaded BEFORE Weapons & Armor Fixes. As of Version 5.0, Weapons & Armor Fixes has added SPIKE-VE keywords to relevant Dawnguard and Dragonborn items. This allows the changes to guard comments from Guard Dialogue Overhaul to extend to the DLC-added armors and weapons.

A patch for PerMa is available here.
A patch for Requiem is available here.
A patch for SkyRe is available here.
A patch for Unique Uniques is available here.

Please direct questions about using WAF with PerMa, Requiem or SkyRe to the sites above.  The authors of those patches will have a much better idea of what sort of conflicts exist between the two mods, what their patches do, and how best to resolve any remaining issues.

Beginning in Version 2.0, I introduced a new Integrated Compatibility System. The Integrated Compatibility System requires no additional Master files, and will allow other mod authors to use the new keywords added by this mod without creating a dependency on Weapons & Armor Fixes.  The following article explains how to create compatibility between WAF and other mods:
Creating compatibility with Weapons & Armor Fixes is incredibly simple to do and will generally only take a few minutes in Tes5Edit.

The changes this mod makes take several forms. The first type of change are the straight-up objective bug fixes. These are things that are obviously wrong, such as heavy armor keywords on a light armor cuirass.  The second type of change is slightly more subjective and was made to improve consistency and balance between different items. Weapons and armor types were designed to scale in a particular way, and some items rather obviously break from that established pattern. This mod attempts to bring these wayward items into line with the normal progression of value, weight, damage, and other properties.

To get a better idea of what changes are included, click here to see a list of changes included in this mod.

I'm not going to list every change made by this mod. If you want a complete list, open the mod up in TES5Edit and take a look. You can also look at the spreadsheet provided in the downloads section for many of the changes to item stats. Keep in mind that the spreadsheet does not include changes such as keywords, bash/block data, and equip/unequip sounds.

Beyond straight-up bug fixes, this mod also changes the value and properties of some items so that they conform better to established patterns of progression among different material types. Many of these changes are fairly obvious when looking at a list of item stats. However, in some cases where the pattern was unclear, I had to make judgement calls on how (or if) to change a particular item. In these cases, I considered: 1) properties
for similar items, 2) the appearance and lore of that particular item and how changing the properties of that item might impact the game, 3) was the item unique, and 4) was the change significant enough to be worth making. If a change was indicated, but was minor and didn't upset the overall progression (for example, repricing Elven shields from 110 to 115), then generally I chose to leave it alone.

There are also a handful of changes that I felt were consistent with the appearance and/or lore of the item, but did not strictly conform to the vanilla conventions. These were personal choices that I felt were justified given the item's nature in-game. These changes are fairly few in number.

This mod makes a several changes to the crafting categories for improved organization and to help declutter certain categories such Leather, Steel, and Misc which often get rather crowded with the addition of weapons and armors added by other mods.  For more information on the changes made to the categories, including a reference for modders, click here.

Changes have been made to the smithing perks to allow all weapons & armor in Skyrim to be improved further based on one of the smithing perks. The perk tree itself hasn't been altered, but keywords have been added to the various smithing perks to allow them to apply more consistently to the different types of weapons and armor in Skyrim and those added by the official DLCs.  For a list of what items are affected by which perks, click here.

To create an even more balanced smithing experience, I recommend using Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade. While it isn't required, it goes a step further in addressing some of the imbalances and inconsistencies in the vanilla Smithing tree.  It was designed specifically for use with Weapons & Armor Fixes.


True Orcish Weapons:
This file reorders the quality progression of all Dwarven, Elven, and Orcish weapons in the vanilla game. By switching the stats and progression of these weapons, this mod allows for much better, more consistent, gameplay mechanics. The new progression from low to high quality is: Dwarven --> Elven --> Orcish. This makes much more sense with the way the armor scales in quality, as well as the arrangement of perks.
- Orcish weapons now have all the stats previously associated with Elven.
- Elven weapons now have all the stats previously associated with Dwarven.
- Dwarven weapons now have all the stats previously associated with Orcish.

The vanilla weapon progression is inconsistent with both the armor scaling and the arrangement of the perk tree. This creates several balance and gameplay issues. By the time you get the Orcish perk there's little reason to ever craft Orcish weapons, since Dwarven weapons are superior and you get the Dwarven perk sooner. Orcish weapons require more perks to craft than either Elven or Dwarven but are far weaker than either of these. Orichalcum is also more expensive and more difficult to acquire than Dwarven metal, which further throws off the ratio between the cost of materials and the value of the finished product.

It's also inconsistent with the lore provided by previous TES games. This is what the UESP wiki has for their Morrowind entry on Orcish: "There are very few Orcish weapons available, as they are more well-known as crafters of armor. However, the few that exist are fine weapons indeed, out-classing most other weapons in their respective classes in terms of damage." In Daggerfall, Orcish weapons were better than even Ebony weapons.

This file is not a quick hack job, but a very thorough change that addresses all of the relevant stats and leveled lists. I've changed not only the base weapons, but also every single Dwarven, Orcish, and Elven generic enchanted weapon. The enchantment levels have been made to scale properly for these generic enchanted weapons, and they've also been renamed to properly reflect the correct enchantment levels. All of the associated leveled lists have also been altered so that the weapons will appear at the appropriate time during the game.

True Daedric Weapons:
This file switches the values and stats for Daedric and Dragonbone weapons, so that Daedric weapons are the more powerful of the two.

Again, this change is consistent with both lore and the vanilla armor convention. This was actually a much simpler mod to make since Dragonbone weapons don't have generic enchanted versions, and they don't show up in the leveled lists. However, this change still doesn't address the inconsistency of having the Dragon Smithing perk arranged higher on the perk tree than the Daedric Smithing perk. For one solution to this, see Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade.

Faster Arrows:
This file increases the speed of nearly all arrows and bolts by 50% and also makes them fly at a slightly flatter trajectory. I've been using faster arrow settings in my game for a long time, and finally decided to just include my settings as an optional file. Most of the changes were originally from Faster Arrows by FordPerfect and full credit goes to him for these fixes. Versions have been provided that also include any projectiles added by the DLCs.

If you want more options for arrows and bolts, then check out Arrows and Bolts Tweaks by Kevkas. This is a great mod and offers many options to customize the speed, recovery, and other stats associated with arrows and bolts. At the very least, I strongly recommend installing the Deeper Bolt Impacts part of the mod.

Dragon Priest Masks:
This file changes the stats and keywords for the vanilla dragon priest masks to better balance them with other gameplay options. In the original game, all of the dragon priest masks had the ArmorMaterialDaedric keyword. This had two effects:
1) The Daedric Smithing perk was required in order to get the improvement bonus for any of the masks (even the light armor ones).
2) Despite clearly being made from different materials, every single one of the dragon priest masks fulfilled the requirement for the Heavy Armor Matching Set perk when worn with Daedric armor, boots, & gauntlets.

This file changes the keywords to match the specific material the mask is supposedly made from. This means that each mask will now pair with a different set of armor for the Matching Set bonus. It also means that different smithing perks will apply to different masks. To balance the fact that lower ranking smithing perks can now be used to improve many of the masks, I've also adjusted the armor ratings so they are more in line with the material type they represent. They are still generally several points better than the equivalent helmet of that type. Also, Morokei was changed to Clothing rather than armor in order to provide mages with a no-armor option, and Otar has been changed to Light Armor (both due to the appearance of the material it is made from, and to provide a bit better ratio between the number of light and heavy masks).

A huge thank you to Eckss for explaining how to create the Integrated Compatibility System that this mod now uses.
Credit and thanks for the original mod goes to Headbomb. I can now fully appreciate just how much effort went into creating that mod.
And not least, many thanks to the USKP team for all their amazing work and continuing effort to find and correct so many of the bugs that plague Skyrim.

I grant full permission to carry over any changes made by this mod into other mods, if the changes they are making would otherwise conflict with this mod.  USKP has full permission to include any of my corrections in its future updates.