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About this mod

A mod which bring true medieval experience to Skyrim.
Supports all DLC and all mods!

Permissions and credits

True Medieval Economy 3.0 is out!

Now it creates a patch for ALL your mods by itself!
And works great with True Realistic Item Weights!

True Medieval Economy
is a mod intended to add even more realism and immersion to the world of Skyrim.
It changes prices.
It changes wages.
It changes crime bounties.
It makes Skyrim's economy as close to the real Middle Ages Europe as possible.
I'm not joking -  TME's economy is fully based on real Late Medieval England, and bounties (or should I use the word "wergeld"?) are almost directly taken from the Ancient Germanic Law.
P.S. And it supports all DLC and many other mods!

Main changes

Septim now is a small bronze coin of very little value.
Food is cheap.
Arrows are cheap.
Unqualified work is very cheap.
Clothes, clutter, books, scrolls, bows and crossbows are expensive.
Armors, weapons and horses are very expensive. Same for scrolls and houses.
Gems and jewellery are EXTREMELY expensive.
Oh, and your wergeld is very high too.
So think well before killing someone in front of a guard.

Mod requirements:

MXPF - Mator's xEdit Patching Framework

Not technically required, but VERY recommended:
(These mods are expected from you to have a balanced game)

Barter Fix(SKSE Plugin)
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade
Clothing and Clutter Fixes
Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul - 1.2 or 2.x, doesn't matter
True Soldiers - Guards Stormcloak and Imperial Legion Armors Fix
RP chopping and mining - Install after CCOR, rewrite if prompted.

Soft requirements for Requiem users are smaller:
Barter Fix(SKSE Plugin)
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
RP chopping and mining

NOTE: you still can use WAFR, CCF, CCOR and CACO with your compatibility patches, but you can have some minor problems while generating patch. See sticky post for more details.
NOTE: Remember to install RPC&M after CCOR and CCOR Requiem patch and overwrite when prompted! Otherwise you will use CCOR mining/chopping scripts instead of RPC&M.

Q: Compatible with Requiem?

A: Yes. Just run it after Reqtifier.

Q: I don't want to deal with Tes5edit scripts.
A: You still can use True Medieval Economy Updated(is not updated anymore, heh).

Q: I have errors while generating patch.
A: Patch is good, but one of your plugins is not. More information in the sticky post.

Q: How is this mod different from your previous mod True Medieval Prices And Wages?
A: TME is more balanced, more historically accurate, supports all DLC and many custom mods.

Q: How does this mod work?
A: One septim now is equal to half of the English medieval farthing (1/8 of a penny).
You can also think of the smallest Roman coin ("as") during the decay of the Empire.
I took medieval prices from my sources and compared them to the vanilla Skyrim prices.
This allowed me to calculate some multipliers, and my script will create a patch for all your items with changed prices.

Q: I want more details
A: Food x0.5 if you don't use CACO/x0.25 if you do use CACO, alchemy and ingredients x2.5.
Backpacks/bandoliers/knapsack x10, tools x5, ingots/ore x5, clutter x5 and pelts x5.
(Campfire, Bandoliers and Wet and Cold with addons supported)
Clothing x20, gems/silverware/jewelry x15.
Clothing and Clutter Fixes will also make stuff above more balanced and expensive!
Armor x15, melee weapons x10, bows/crossbows x5, arrows and bolts x2.
Books x20, scrolls x10, spell tomes and recipes x10.
Note: all modifiers can be simply changed inside the script! No programming knowledge required, only notepad.
Horse is 10 000, mercenary is 10 000, room rental is 4, all houses are more expensive..
1 hour of woodcutting will earn you 1.5 septims, of mining - 2 (with RP Chopping and mining).
If your spouse has a store he/she will earn your from 25 to 50 septims a day.
Bosses are much more richer than usual enemies.
Wergeld (bounty for murder) now is 15 000 septims, other bounties also higher.

Q: Why do I need your little "True Soldiers" mod?
A: You don't. But I love it and prices of the light armor are based on the core idea of that mod (that Stormcloaks and guards are wearing actual strong chainmail).

Q: I earn too much as a miner or woodcutter
A: Install RP chopping and mining. Sell your wood and ore ONLY to the owner of mine/sawmill.

Q: Your sources?
A: Hodges Medieval Price List
Technology and Military Policy in Medieval England, c.1250-1350
Ewa ad Amorem - Lex Francorum Chamavorum
Corn at Interest: The Extent and Cost of Grain Storage in Medieval England

Printing, Writers and Readers in Renaissance Italy


matortheeternal for his help and the miraculous MXPF.
x4554ul7(Tuneks) for Bronze septim retexture
TES5Edit team