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Compatibility patches and XML updates for T3nd0s Perkus Maximus.

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PerMa Compatibility and PaMa Patches (PCaPP)
Compatibility patches for T3nd0s Perkus Maximus

The new methods used for patching by PerMa grant much greater control over many area's of the game. A lot of functions have been moved into the patcher, vastly increasing PerMa's overall compatibility compared to SkyRe.  Like SkyRe Compatibility and ReProccer Patches (SCaRP) these patches expect you to have Weapon and Armor Fixes Remade (WAFR) installed, along with the huge number of fixes made it also corrects many item names, without which many items cannot be properly patched. Balance was made based on the True Orcish and Daedric and Dragon Priest Masks versions. I also highly recommend Clothing and Clutter Fixes and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade.

Contains answers to common questions, including information about load order.

Contains information about common issues that may arise after installing PerMa and these patches.

Support Requests:
Main page for requesting, or helping add, support of mods.

Self-Patched Mods:
List of patches for mods hosted on other pages. (i.e Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim)

Modders pack:
Contains additional files that can be used to test various changes to scaling of Weapons and Armor. This can be used by anyone that wants to tweak the XMLs to fit their own play-style without having to go through all the trial and error of having to rebuild the patcher to test each change.


Mods covered by patch:
A few merged versions have been added covering the WAFR, CCF and CCOR patches. All patches require the original mod to function properly.

Mods covered by xml:
List is not extensive, many other mods may be covered indirectly. A complete list can be found in the Supported Mods forum.

Added Weapon Info:
Updated venn diagram showing weapon classes;

Updated table shows the default ranks;
Coming soon*

The Team:

Raulfin: XMLs and Patches
Tascani: Alchemy.xml
Visdagon: Forum mod, support