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Tes5Edit/MXPF patcher that will give realistic weights to all items in-game.

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According to “a 2007 study by a Navy research-advisory committee,” it was determined that “Marines typically have loads from 97 to 135 pounds.”

True Realistic Item Weights
is a Tes5edit/MXPF patcher that will provide you with realistic and (almost) accurate weights for all items in-game.

Supports SE, LE and all Skyrim mods without exception!
Works just great with True Medieval Economy and some hardcore carryweight mod, like Realistic Capacity or Encumbering loot

List of features:
- Once you run patcher, it will create plugin TRIW.esp that will reweight ALL game items in pounds according to their real-life counterparts.
Patcher is 100% configurable, so if you don't like one of my decisions, you can easily change it.
- All perk, enchantment, potion, ingredient, Steed Stone carryweight bonuses are divided by 5. (Campfire and Wet&Cold backpacks carryweight bonus is not touched, but Bandoliers are touched)
- Wine now comes in standard 750 ml bottles, ale and mead - in 12 oz/300-350 ml bottles (just think of the smallest typical beer bottle you can buy in your country).
- Weight of bottles is included in the total weight of beverage, so alcohol now is considerably heavier.
- Soups and stews are carried in earthenware pottery, and it also makes them much heavier.
- However, most food is still left same as before (if you are using CACO. If you are not, it will also be heavier).
- Heavy armor isn't touched. Light armor cuirass is two times heavier, other light armor pieces are left same (sneak bonuses are adjusted, so game balance isn't changed!)
- Weapons are 3 times lighter than before (weight of scabbard included).
- Clothing is heavier, and all jewelry and gems (same as magic scrolls) now weigh almost nothing.
- Books have different weights depending on their size (Book Covers Skyrim and Legacy of the Dragonborn is supported, except non-vanilla books. Non-vanilla books will have weight of 1.5 lbs no matter what is their world size. Nothing game-breaking as actually weight for most of books is 1.5 and only minority of books, like Biography of Barenziah, has weight of 2.5.
- Hides and Pelts now are quite heavy (Hunterborn supported)
- Cowhide and horsehide are VERY heavy
- Campfire and Campfire-based tents are 3 times heavier.

Required mods:
MXPF - Mator's xEdit Patching Framework

Not technically required, but VERY recommended. Patcher uses it's all capabilities only together with these mods!
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade
Clothing and Clutter Fixes
Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul - 1.2 or 2.x, doesn't matter
True Soldiers - Guards Stormcloak and Imperial Legion Armors Fix
Hunterborn (use Realistic setting for meat yield)
Lockpick Weight
Weighted Arrow(set to 0.1)

I) Install Tes5edit.
II) Install MXPF - Mator's xEdit Patching Framework
(simply unpack it in your tes5edit directory).
III)Compile a patch:
1) download TRIW Patcher and unpack .pas file to your [Tes5edit]\Edit Scripts folder
2) if you have TRIW.esp in your Data folder, delete it
3) if you want to change settings, uncomment or comments corresponding lines:
- changeBoozeNames (true by default) - if using CACO, this changes alcohol names to  "Argonian Wine (4 glasses)" or "Colovian Brandy (11 servings)" etc.
- exactWeaponWeights (false by default) - this will set your weapon weights to something like 3.167 and 3.333. If disabled, your weapons will have weights like 3.0 or 3.5 instead.
4) if you want to setup your own modifiers or exact weights, like a weight for your lockpicks or empty wine bottles, change them in following lines.
Everything here is very self-explanatory and does not require any programming experience.
5) Load all your mods in tes5edit
6) Select one of your mods, press right mouse button and select "Apply script". Choose True Realistic Item Weights.pas. Press "Apply".
7) When prompted, enter name of new patch file "TRIW".
8) Wait
9) If you encounter a problem while patching, read sticky post
10) Play!

Q: This mod will not change base carryweight?
A: No, I decided to leave this to a player. Just use one of carryweight mods I mentioned above or a console command "player.modav carryweight 60" etc. Maybe I will add it later as an optional feature, however I'm not sure how it will affect NPCs.
Q: Why is light armor cuirass heavier?
A: Because it isn't similar to your favorite leather jacker. It is basically made of very thick and durable animal skin (fur, hide, leather), chainmail (Stormcloak/guard), or quite thin metal (Elven, Scaled, Glass). Typical medieval short chainmail has weight of something like 7 kg(15.5 lbs)! Boots, helmets, shields and gauntlets are still left the same, sprint/sneak settings are edited, and heavy armor is still A LOT heavier, so it's not a real problem.
Q: Compatible with Requiem?
A: Yes.
Q: Where must I place TRIW files in load order?
A: Put TRIW.esp at the very end of your load order. Rebuild patch every time you change your modlist!
Q: I am also using True Medieval Economy, which patcher I should run first?
A: It doesn't really matter, but run TRIW first and TME second simply to have smaller TRIW.esp file.
Q: One of items now has weird weight, or something else doesn't work as intended
A: Maybe I overlooked something, please write about it at the discussion tab.
Q: How I am now supposed to carry a tent while travelling?
A: Buy a horse and use one of these horse mods. Actually, that's what Romans were doing.

Or just use a bedroll from Tentapalooza

matortheeternal for his help and the miraculous MXPF.
Google... For helping me find all these weights!