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This mod intents to make hunting more rewarding and a source of actual income.

All pelts, furs and hide prices have been raised.

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As of September 19 2020 there is a new Version Online. In this one the prices are about half as high as displayed here (Original Main File).

Bear Pelt - 305 Septims
Cave Bear Pelt - 365 Septims
Snow Bear Pelt - 390 Septims
Chaurus Chitin - 120 Septims
Sabre Cat Pelt - 295 Septims
Snow Sabre Cat Pelt - 340 Septims
Wolf Pelt - 60 Septims
Ice Wolf Pelt - 100 Septims
Goat Hide - 40 Septims
Cow Hide - 120 Septims
Elk Hide - 105 Septims
Horse Hide - 235 Septims
Elk Pelt - 120 Septims
Deer Hide - 100 Septims
Fox Pelt - 65 Septims
Snow Fox Pelt - 85 Septims
Werewolf Pelt - 530 Septims
Vale Deer Hide - 480 Septims
Vale Sabercat Pelt - 700 Septims
Netch Leather - 220 Septims
Chitin Plate - 85 Septims

Most of these changes were made with the base of CCOR and WAF,
so the weights have been adjusted as well. Overall it is now worth to hunt animals
only for their pelts and to take them with you in first place.

If you have a suggestion for one or more of the changes let me know in the comments, I will consider updating this mod.