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First person mod

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  • German
Witcher 3 first person mod

  • Install modSharedImports-v0.6 - NEXT-GEN from CP - Shared Imports
  • Install GFP Camera with TW3MM (not Vortex, not NMM)

    If you want to install manually
    • Unpack mods, dlc, and bin to game dir
    • Copy contents of input.settings.txt to the top of <User>\Documents\The Witcher 3\input.settings
    • Copy <!-- GFP begin --> ... <!-- GFP end --> section
      from input.xml.txt
      to <Game>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\input.xml
      (somewhere inside <VisibleVars> ... </VisibleVars>)
    • (Next-Gen only) To activate mod menu edit "bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\dx11filelist.txt" (or dx12filelist.txt for DX12)


      You can also use Menu Filelist Updater

  • Unpack GFP Exe Patch to <Game>\bin\x64 or <Game>\bin\x64_dx12 and run it
    Patch prevents NPC/horse disappearing when close to camera
  • Install GFP Combat, GFP Strafe, GFP No Spins and optionally other modules
    To rotate player with camera in FP you need GFP Strafe
    For horse riding on keyboard it is recommended to use a mod to disable turning horse with mouse. BHC or other.
  • Merge scripts with Script Merger
  • Never press Reset to Default in Key Bindings menu

GFP Modules

GFP Modules should be installed with TW3MM and then merged with Script Merger

For FP combat install at least Combat, Strafe and No Spins

GFP Combat
Manual targeting in FP
Hold 'Modify Attack Distance' to attack far
Unblocks aiming on boat in FP
  • Manual aiming for quick shoot/throw
  • Parry only in front
  • Axii only in front
  • Normal stance in combat: can run and toggle walk/run in combat
NOTE: You may need to unbind 'Toggle Walk/Run' (click middle mouse button), then set key again

GFP Strafe
Strafing and player rotation with camera in first person
Hold 'Look Around' to temporarily disable rotation with camera

GFP No Spins
Disables most spin attack animations in first person
Less clipping, less covering the view

GFP Real Shadows
Modifies ALL item entities to allow main module to skip fake shadows and use real ones instead
Pros: no glitchy item dissolve effect, no glitchy cloth shadow, working shadows of swords and scabbards
Lots of potential conflicts
HairWorks components on Geralt's head are disabled
Non-vanilla items/hair are not supported
Module made with a script, so no accidental human errors

GFP Jump Roll
Separate Jump and Roll keys (for keyboard), both in and out of combat
Can dodge/roll out of combat
Hold Modify Attack Type (Shift by default) to modify Dodge to Roll

WARNING: Unbind Jump and Roll keys (click middle mouse button), then set key for Jump (and optionally separate key for Roll)

GFP Parry Senses
Separate Parry and Senses keys (for keyboard), both in and out of combat

WARNING: Unbind Parry and Witcher Senses keys (click middle mouse button), then set again 2 separate keys for Parry and Witcher Senses

GFP Slide
Disables sliding, adds Slide key

GFP Bash To Kick
Disables shoulder counter in first person, leaves only leg kick

GFP Disable Special Quen/Yrden Effect
Disables special Quen/Yrden effect (from Ursine/Griffin set)
Special Quen/Yrden effect can obscure the view in first person

GFP Dont Push Me
NPCs can't make you step away in first person

GFP Sword Hint
Hides control hints but keeps sword hint, can be useful in first person

GFP Responsive Walk Toggle
Can toggle walk during stopping animation
Sprinting toggles walk off

GFP Mouse Wheel Walk Speed
Mouse wheel toggles between 2 walk speeds

WARNING: may be not compatible with mods related to movement

GFP Run On Boat
Can run, walk fast and jump normally on boats

GFP Disable Jump To Water
Disables jump to water animation. Useful for more predictable movement.

GFP No Dodge Double Tap
Disables 'double tap movement to dodge'

GFP Imaginary Torch (experimental)
Torch is invisible in FP but still emits light, workaround for 'torch fire in my face' issue

Strafe, No Spins, Bash To Kick, Dont Push Me and Imaginary Torch are only for first person. Other modules can be used independently.


  • FP head shadow does not work with Ray Tracing Shadows enabled
  • In rare cases it is very hard to interact with some objects in FP. When interacting with such objects try to look higher or temporarily switch to TP.

    Known objects:
    • power cells in Philippa's hideout
    • A Dangerous Game quest: Zed's door, triangular key in Caesar Bilzen's house
    • The Phantom of Eldberg quest: letter in lighthouse
    • warehouse door in Reason of State quest
    • completion token (underwater) in The Path of Warriors quest
    • Tomira in epilogue
    • Dettlaff's hideout door
    • barrel of Sangreal
    • Marlene's barrel
    • windows in Paperchase quest

  • FP Ciri is lower quality
  • Vanilla limitation: high FOV in rare cases causes LOD issues - some objects will not render from afar. To fix worst cases use this.

See also: Base Horse Controls, Fix Ocean Bottom, Fix Disappearing Interiors, Chill Out, Instant Kill Instead Of Finishers, Sheathe Sword