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First person mod with strafing and no NPC hiding (witcher3.exe patch)

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First person mod with strafing and no NPC hiding (witcher3.exe patch)

This mod is for mouse and keyboard only.


  • Download Patch, copy to <Game directory>\bin\x64 and run it. Ensure "Successfully patched" message is shown.
  • Install Community Patch - Shared Imports
  • Unpack mods and dlc to game directory
  • Unpack input.settings to <User>\Documents\The Witcher 3. This will reset your key bindings.
  • Run Script Merger if you have other mods installed

Updating to newer version

  • Remove <Game>\mods\modGervantFP
  • Remove <Game>\mods\modRoachNeverStops and <Game>\mods\modAbsoluteHorseControl if you have them
  • Unpack mods to game directory
  • Run Script Merger if you have other mods installed

Key bindings

  • G - Change between first person and third person (Glossary is unbound)
  • B - on foot hold to look around, in vehicle toggle camera auto rotate (Bestiary is unbound)
  • C - Hold to zoom
  • H - Hide weapon (Gwent deck is unbound)
  • Left Control - Swim down
  • Left Control - Horse walk toggle (just like on foot in vanilla)

Changes that affect original balance

  • Movement has no inertia, can instantly run in opposite direction
  • Can do only short attacks
  • Knockdown changed to stagger
  • Rolling in combat changed to jump (can still switch to third person for roll, e.g. to complete tutorial with Vesemir)
  • Cannot roll to reduce fall damage, damage now always reduced
  • Geralt hit reaction animation changed to a short one
  • Ciri hit reaction animation is disabled completely
  • No sliding
  • Can only parry/counter enemies/arrows in front of you

  • Long attacks not supported while in first person
  • Hold W to do short attack
  • Don't hold W to attack in place

This mod includes Absolute Horse Control for Keyboard and Roach Never Stops for optimal first person experience

Ghost Mode can be script merged without conflicts

Enhanced Edition mod is not supported

Immersive Cam is not supported. Using it will freeze the game. 

  • Horse/boat camera is not bound player's eyes but pushed forward a bit

Known issues
  • When riding horse without locking to 30 FPS - horse flickers
  • In Wyzima and near Kaer Morhen castle - sometimes can see inside of player head (usually only when sprinting)
  • When galloping uphill - sometimes can see inside of horse head
  • When riding horse and your FPS drops - can see inside of player head

This mod is based on First Person Mod by SkacikPL