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Chill out in taverns and more

Permissions and credits
  • German
  • Install modBootstrap-registry from CP - Bootstrap and Utilities
  • Install modBootstrap-v.0.4.1-NEXT-GEN from CP - Bootstrap and Utilities
  • Install Chill Out using TW3MM (not Vortex, not NMM)

    If you want to install manually
    • Copy dlc, mods to game dir
    • Copy contents of input.settings.txt to the top of <User>\Documents\The Witcher 3\input.settings
    • Copy <!-- ChillOut begin --> ... <!-- ChillOut end --> section
      from input.xml.txt
      to <Game>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\input.xml
      (anywhere inside <VisibleVars> ... </VisibleVars>)

  • Merge scripts with Script Merger
  • Never press "Reset to Default" in Key Bindings menu

Main features
  • Interact with one of predefined spots. There are lots of static interaction spots around the world, mostly in taverns.
  • Use Chill Out Menu to start activities.
  • Build your own chairs and tables to interact with.
  • Eat and drink keybinds. Can be used for both generic healing and to trigger table/chair eating/drinking animations.

Chill Out Menu
  • Emotes: clap, cheer, laugh, facepalm, cross hands, dance, flip off. Keybinds can be set in Key Bindings menu.
  • Sit or sleep on the ground.
  • Shave. You need to sit and have a razor in your inventory.
  • Smoke pipe. You need to sit and have Smoking pipe in your inventory.
  • Play Gwent against any NPC. NPCs will use one of 50 available decks from the game. They won't adjust to your deck strength.
  • Fishing
    Sit/stand near water, have Fishing rod in your inventory, turn camera to water, start fishing from CO menu or press Fishing key.
    After 5-30 seconds there will be splash and you have 0.7 seconds to press Attack or Fishing key to catch a fish.
  • Make campfire (requires 1 timber).
  • Tree chopping (to get timber).
    Hold axe in your hand, stand near a tree
  • Replenish alchemy items.
  • Build.
  • Meditate.
  • Warm hands near fire.
  • Blink - respawns NPCs like vanilla meditation.
  • Ignite/Extinguish fires/candles.
  • Lean against the wall (limited use with default camera).
  • Blow Hornwall horn.

To open Chill Out Menu on keyboard: set up key for Chill Out Menu in Key Bindings menu.
To open Chill Out Menu on gamepad: call horse (double tap left stick) while in witcher senses. Or press Interact (A) when already chilling.

Navigate menu on gamepad: D-pad, A, B.
Navigate menu on keyboard: arrows, Enter, Esc.
Or navigate menu with mouse.

To stop current action: press Interaction on keyboard or Jump (B) on gamepad.
Cast Igni to ignite fire, cast Aard to extinguish fire. Also on keyboard you can use select sign keys.
Consume food to play eat/drink animation.
To skip time: hold Sprint on keyboard or left stick on gamepad.
On keyboard you can press Jump to skip current animation.
During idle animations you can also cast Yrden to sleep and cast Axii to smoke pipe.
During ground animations you can hold Parry or Witcher Senses to position yourself.

You can build chair, stool, table, mattress and large tent.
When you uninstall the mod all built objects will be gone.

To destroy built objects enable Destroy mode in CO menu or hold Delete (can be changed).

Note that NPCs don't respect collisions of your built objects.

Optional Stash module
Allows to build stashes with own inventories.

WARNING: Friendly HUD mod requires patch.
1. Delete modFriendlyHUD\content\scripts\game\gui\menus\
2. Manually copy and replace files from "CO Stash FHUD patch"

Safe to install/uninstall
But you should not save game while eating/drinking if you plan to uninstall so that items not stuck in hands

See also: Gervant First Person