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W3EE 5.02, Random Encounters Reworked 2.4, Multiple Companions Mod 3.1.8, Gwent Redux, and their dependencies, pre-merged and tweaked to run well together. Now with alternate options presets for W3EE and RER, for playtested fun! See the images for examples.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer:  I have not been able to maintain this for some time because of how differently the component mods are distributed now, but I still see downloads and endorsements.  Thank you kindly!  Please pay attention to the version numbers of the component mods; you're certain to have merging work to do with their updates.  Aefderaedd will still help you get a good merge, but your mileage may vary!

Top-notch gameplay mods for The Witcher 3, integrated!

Enhanced Edition's rewards for careful alchemy and preparation meet the surprising mayhem of Random Encounters Reworked, the huge improvements of Gwent Redux, and gain the opportunities of allies with Multi Companion mod. Ever seen the contract on the griffin of White Orchard turn from a cliffhanger all-out battle into a wild three-way battle while it rampages through mobs of bandits? FUN!

Enter the Aefderaedd Integration Mod. Merging 4+ large scripting/gameplay mods is a challenge! While this began as a compatibility patch, and is becoming an integration and fine-tuning of its parts, the better for the player experience.

The Aefderaedd Integration mod merges and integrates the following:

For extra bugfixes and dependencies:

Now included:

These require no merging but are recommended:

If you stick with just these mods, Script Merger isn't needed, and if you add more, it'll be simpler.  Aefderaedd not only merges but tweaks its component mods' behavior, and gives you the chance to easily try playtested settings for this combination.

Extra Options Presets for smooth integrated play

Aefderaedd options presets, in addition to Default and Vanilla, exist for W3EE and Random Encounters Reworked where certain settings have been found to contribute to a smooth, enjoyable integration. These are important when adding multiple challenge-boosting mods. Did you skip W3EE before because it felt jarring for Geralt suddenly hit zero stamina and halt? Give this a look, W3EE can be fluid and fun, but still be more interesting:

Extra functionality

The defaults and presets are set up for balanced play given the combined mods. Stamina costs have been reduced, but speed costs from losing stamina and health increased. Whirl's stamina cost is increased in the W3EE5 edition. The rate of skill increase, especially for commonly used skills, has been reduced, because Random Encounters Reworked necessarily pads out the quest progression.

The bestiary has been reverted to vanilla behavior. W3EE gives you most of the contents starting out. This makes sense; Geralt's a veteran witcher and knows his stuff, right? However, the bestiary is for the player experience, and also, Random Encounters Reworked uses the bestiary to know what to spawn.

Experimental Builds

Several of you asked for W3EE Lazarus builds.  Some of you reported that the game ran when just copying Lazarus over top of an Aefderaedd install, but this breaks functionality.  I've been curious to see how the Lazarus / W3EE 5 forks will be merged, but for the time being, I've made an experimental W3EE 4.93 + Lazarus + Aefderaedd merge.


As with any other extensive list of modifications, you'll want to run Mod Limit Adjuster on your Witcher 3 installation, if you haven't already.

Install the following.  I'm assuming a blank mods folder, and that you deleted any mods\mod0000_MergedFiles directory too.  You can skip other dependencies as this list is for a complete build, and W3EE provides most of them:

  • Community Patch - Besserwisser's Fix Collection
  • Community Patch - Bootstrap and Utilities
  • Community Patch - Menu Strings
  • Gwent Redux - If you do any mod merging of your own atop of Aefderaedd, get the "Patch for Enhanced Edition" from the optional files.
  • Multi Companion Mod Enhanced - Important - this package has changed!  The default version requires that you choose the theatrical remodel of the Rosemary and Thyme.  Choose the other style only if you've manually installed the other version.  You have to pick one, and from its folder, copy DLCmod_spawn_companions  to Witcher3\dlc and modSpawnCompanions to Witcher3\mods.  You can skip its purported dependency on All NPC Scabbards.
  • Modular Eyes - Just get the vanilla version; W3EE merging is handled by Aefderaedd.   I recommend Lore-Friendly Dilated Pupils as well.
  • Random Encounters Reworked - You can skip Freecam. W3EE already includes functionality for this.
  • A modRegistry entry for Community Patch Bootstrap is included in Aefderaedd's patch. However, if you use an additional mod that uses the registry, this will override it. I assume if you attempt this, you know what you're doing. Look for the modRegistry files and resolve to your satisfaction.
  • Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition - This mod contains Community Patch Base and Community Patch Imports, you needn't install those separately if instructed to by any others. W3EE, Community Patch, and Aefderaedd are handling the integration.

Then install Aefderaedd. Copy the contents of its ZIP file, bin and mods, into your Witcher 3 game directory.


Delete any mods\mod*aefderaedd or mods\mod0000_MergedFiles directories. Aefderaedd already overrides other mods, due to its place in a sorted load order. Script Merger can let you have a look at what's going on, but this mod gets you there.  Unpack Aefderaedd's contents into your Witcher game directory, copying into its bin and mods folders.


Delete any mods\mod*aefderaedd or mods\mod0000_MergedFiles directories. Re-run script merger if you have mods installed.






No warranty is made to the outcome of unpacking or copying these files anywhere at all. It might make you annoy the neighbors by drunkenly singing The Maids of Vicovaro. It might make you melt down all the silverware for components. It will almost certainly cause nekkers to photobomb your cut-scenes if you make unrecommended changes to Randon Encounters Reworked mod settings.  I have heard indubitable accounts that it left people's fridges empty of Redanian lager!

Credits and shout-outs

  • CD Projekt Red for the great game and the attention to allowing the community to mod and extend it,
  • Andrzej Sapkowski for creating the rich stories and lore of the Witcherverse,
  • ReaperAnon and the many contributors to W3EE! It's so good it's worth the work to merge and streamline it.
  • Aeltoth for the great work on Random Encounters Reworked which makes the game so dynamic and fun.
  • Charan666, plasticmetal, and the rest of the W3EE Lazarus team for their fascinating work on top of W3EE.
  • Majestic511 for Multi Companion Mod Enhanced and an interesting factor to balance the gameplay.
  • rmemr for Community Patch, Lip Movement and Hires shadows, and vital tools for the community,
  • wghost81 for FriendlyHUD, Community Patch, and Ghost Mode (I know, I didn't use it, but still)
  • KoalaNalle, Besserwisser, Nitpicker, and the other contributors to the Community Patch.
  • Technik, for the Less Indignant NPCs tweak.
  • ...and others who've helped me or the above creators along the way.

I want more people to see what this combined work is like together.